Web sites steer car buyers into green revolution

The green revolution has really hit the road this year, as automakers roll out a growing array of new fuel-efficient, alternative fuel and hybrid cars and trucks.

As a result, shopping for a green car to meet a driver's particular taste and needs has become challenging. Several car and consumer Web sites, however, can help a consumer sort out the differences between green car models and types:

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ( - Provides green car ratings, green car shopping guide and green driving tips. ( - Covers a variety of green car topics, including buying, alternative fuels and hybrid car types. ( - Features green car buying guide organized by car fuel and high-mileage performance. ( - Offers wide array of information about hybrid cars, electric cars, hydrogen fuel cells and more.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( - Explore clean burning and fuel-efficient car ratings by vehicle, vehicle type and greenest vehicles available.

- McClatchy-Tribune