Retail group warns tainted goods may be sold on Internet sites

"Buyer beware" is what the National Retail Federation is telling shoppers about common items on discount, auction Web sites, like eBay.

The Washington-based trade group for retailers its warning against buying products - mostly drugs and personal care products - from third-party sites because they could be stolen or tainted, and pose health risks to consumers.

Organized retail crime investigators from the nation's largest retailers identified these health and beauty products as the most frequently stolen, then resold by criminals.

"Most stolen merchandise is not stored properly and could expose unsuspecting shoppers or their children to a host of risks from spoiled baby formula and pain medication to inaccurate results from diabetic test strips or pregnancy tests," said Joe LaRocca, the senior asset protection advisor for the group.

New items are Gillette Fusion Razors and replacement cartridges and personal care products by Bumble and Bumble, Matrix and Pureology. Also on the list are Advil, Alli weight loss pills and Benadryl, high-end liquor, cigarettes, Red Bull energy drinks, Braun electric razors, Blu-ray movies and players, and Dyson vacuums.

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