Shopping after the Holidays and Off Season

You need a bunch of plans to save money when shopping.

You can boost discounts by adding coupons to items on sale.

You can take advantage of rebates.

And you can shop after the holidays and during the off season.

While I get excited about Black Friday, I love scouring stores for post holiday bargains - and not just after Christmas - when you can find items marked down 50 to 90 percent.

After Christmas, I usually buy wrapping paper, gift bags, cards, candy, candles and holiday themed clothing or decorations.

I also find deals on toys and gifts for the next year for holidays and birthdays.

Some gifts I gave this year, I had bought at last year's post-Christmas sales.

I found some super cute new Christmas leggings for 50 cents and a shirt for $1 for my daughter. I probably could not have gotten them that inexpensive at a consignment sale.

Teachers are always looking for seasonal decorations for their classrooms, and one of my best finds was a pair of waist high stuffed snowmen that I could use for the winter months.

After Valentine's Day last year, I bought children's cards at deep discount. I used them as potty training rewards for my daughter and whenever we start giving them to classmates, we already have some set aside.

My daughter had a really cute Valentine shirt to wear in February, but I bought it in July from the mall for a steal.

Her birthday is close to St. Patrick's Day, so I bought green decorations and shamrocks and leprechaun stickers on sale that I can use again after St. Patrick's Day.

After Easter is when I always buy my plastic eggs, Easter grass, and Easter egg dye kits for the next year. And post-Labor Day, I got pool toys and floats for less than a dollar and got big savings on school supplies and lunch boxes.

After Halloween is great for finding costumes for playing dress up. My best find was a Disney Cinderella dress from TJ Maxx for my daughter to wear for playing dress up that would normally have cost between $25-50 dollars, according to the tag. I got mine for $6.

When it comes to holidays, you get the idea. But what saving at other times of the year?

To save on children's clothing, I usually buy ahead a size up for the next season when items are marked down.

I can get new items for much cheaper than if I had gotten used ones at consignment sales or stores. I do this online and in stores. Walmart will often have the same items online and in stores, but they will be much cheaper online.

I got my daughter's coat for $4 for the next winter. I got her a new swimsuit for this summer for $2.50 from Old Navy back in October.

Kohl's has no time limit on their returns, so I feel comfortable buying ahead there, knowing that if it does not fit when the time comes, then as long as I have my receipt, I can get a full refund.

PJs are PJs, no matter the design printed on them. Holiday pajamas can also be gotten for a song after the holiday. My daughter has cute Nutcracker pajamas and Daddy's Lucky Charm PJs we got from Old Navy.

And whatever the holiday, I always buy candy afterwards.

Candy is candy, and is even sweeter at half the price.