BMW plant to roll out 2 models within months

BMW says it will have no problem launching two new models from the Greer assembly plant within months of each other.

The company’s announcement that the third-generation rollout of the X5 sports activity vehicle will start in the fourth quarter this year comes a few months after the German automaker said the X4 sports activity coupe, a new model, will hit dealer showrooms next year.

The launches “are several months apart so no issues there,” said Kenn Sparks, BMW of North America spokesman.

The third-generation X5 will have something that none of its predecessors had — a rear-wheel drive option. Previous models came only with all-wheel drive.

“There are parts of the country where nearly everything we sell comes with xDrive, like here in the North,” Sparks said. “But there are places where the all-roads capability isn’t needed and those customers would rather have the weight saving and extra fuel economy.”

BMW Manufacturing Co., the Upstate plant, “has become quite adept over the years at managing multiple launches within a short period,” Sparks said. “The expertise and success of the plant are the primary reason it has grown so much in the last decade.”