1.62 acres on Platt Springs Road sold to SAFE Federal Credit Union for $875,000

1.62 acres on Platt Springs Road was sold to SAFE Federal Credit Union for $875,000.
1.62 acres on Platt Springs Road was sold to SAFE Federal Credit Union for $875,000.

Richland County


1124 Abney Hill Road from Scott Merle Strayer to William Ruiz and Kathryn Ruiz $313,000

243 October Glory Drive from D.R. Horton, Inc. to Charles L. Saunders, Sr. $232,500

14 Holly Hedge Court from Mark A. Rollings and Kirsten Y. Rollings to Brian D. Fillingim and Kellir Fillingim $202,500

405 Staghorn Drive from Orlando R. Rojas and Bernice Rojas to Marcus Glover $211,000

39 Creek Bluff Court from Joanna R. Schnobrich n/k/a Joanna Wintheiser to Roshawn Sheppard and Kintashia C. Sheppard $345,000

143 Windermere Village Way from Mungo Homes, Inc. to John J. Bridgers and Lauren E. Durham $286,245

103 Oak Glen Drive from Judah Brodie to Neal A. Romriell and Tonya M. Romriell $145,000

1071 Heart Pine Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Marvin Brooks and Fhallen Brooks $201,152

525 Upper Trail from Furman D. Stevenson and Daphnia Annette Jones f/k/a Daphnia A. Stevenson to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. $320,214

670 Upper Trail from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Joshua D. Scott and Kristin A. Scott $244,653

549 Wild Hickory Lane from Jeffrey J. Serio to Rhonda Faye James and Jonathan Bernard James $368,000

691 Upper Trail from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Courtney B. Wages and Jason V. Wages, Jr. $238,728

741 Carolina Aster Drive from Sallie Watts to Elizabeth S. Stroup and Anna Kathryn Wilds $255,000

707 Stonebury Circle from Robert I. McDole and Virginia Ruth McDole to Reginald Elliott and John Elliott $225,000

329 Shadowmoss Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Mauricio Silva and Flor Elena Cardona $228,900

706 Trailing Edge Road from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Dangelo M. Stembridge and Lawana N. Stembridge $325,645

751 Pebblebranch Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Ronald A. Cooke, Jr. $157,601

10735 and 10749 Wilson Boulevard from First Community Bank as QI and for Vicki A. Books to Susan Simpson $147,650

747 Pebblebranch Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Stephanie L. Green $149,922

NE Miles Road from William C. Sullivan to Will B. Boozer $396,819

422 Old Course Loop from Jodi T. King and Melissa King to Omar Garcia $452,000

1421 Red Sunset Lane from Albert T. Jones and Anne L. Jones to Spencer H. Robinson $228,900

366 Fairford Road from Fortress Homes, LLC to Shanda Simpson Butler $255,920

216 Muirfield Court E. from Kelly R. Goodwin to Daniel C. Ferreira and Kendra K. Ferreira $156,750


624 Goya Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Kenneth J. Davidson and Nicole L. Davidson $380,729

43 Wave Dancer Court from William D. Chisolm, III and F. Ruth Anderson n/k/a Ruth Anderson Chisolm to Derek L. Dutcher $287,500

352 Explorer Drive from D.R. Horton, Inc. to Anthony V. Cancelli and Rebecca F. Cancelli $226,565

301 Lanyard Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Shaw Williams James and Ashton Koon James $171,179

1218 Portrait Hill Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Kyle C. Cooper $299,606

116 Pebble Creek Road from John M. Dickerson and Cynthia R. Dickerson to Marcie E. Greene and Stephen D. Greene, Jr. $363,000

1041 Ellett Road from Bunny Carol Runge to Irrevocable Trust for The Benefit of Maigan Elizabeth Nieri $525,000

1410 Breedlove Road from Chaz Cargill and Krystle Cargill to Leah S. Carpenter $197,000

753 Helmsman Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Nolan Ryan Aranda and Kelsi Kahiden $171,520

746 Helmsman Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Madison McKenzie Cannon and Karim Abdul Bashir, III $172,971

154 Cordage Drive from Michael T. Ridge and Geraldine T. Ridge to Terry A. McAlister and Judy L. McAlister $210,000

366 Renoir Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Charles R. Heyward and Linda W. Heyward $269,496

22 Hilton Glen Court from Michael Brown and Bennett Brown to Robert C. Dorey and Diana D. Dorey $251,000

17 Circle Drive from Maenell J. Glover to Elizabeth R. Mowery and Billy L. Mowery, Jr. $265,000


409 Stillwater Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Oneal Scipio, Jr. and Onyaka Scipio $228,795

1047 Campbell Ridge Drive from D.R. Horton, Inc. to Bridget Richard and Paul Richard $250,000

910 Tuxford Trail from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Paul D. Taylor, Lisa Ann Taylor, Natasha Nicole Berube $166,113

620 Beaver Park Drive from Grady S. Smith, Jr. and Patricia L. Smith to William S. Goodwin $550,000

563 Cordgrass Road from NVR, Inc. to Rhonda Chambliss and Leonard Chambliss $269,670

71 Walden Oak Court from Randolph Lewis, Jr. to Ciandra D. Maddox $169,900

1005 Bookman Road from Estate of Harry Harley to Dominic W. Stephen $120,000

234 Secretariat Drive from Nathan A. Degregory and Cristy J. Degregory to Alan W. Hartman $326,000

239 Sallie Gordon Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Joseph E. Thompson $234,523

626 S. Pinewalk Way from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Byron Donnell Tyson and Christy Renee Tyson $250,816

165 Catawba Hill Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Chekita R. Legette $245,172

858 Royal Oak Way from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Madhav Jayant Shidhaye and Namrata Madhav Shidhaye $434,267

921 Spears Creek Court from Brantley Enterprises of S.C., Inc. to Dennis Eugene Brantley, Sr. and Camarie Keitt Brantley $987,000

67 Sweetspire Drive from Lamont Andre Melvin and Flora Elisa Melvin to Clyde Michael Herring and Mary Herring $475,000

200 Autumn Hill Lane from Gary M. Graham and Erika G. Graham to Kristin Blair Carter $123,000


9 Aronia Court from 864 Investments, LLC and Papanoo, LLC to Roger Lewis $137,000

59 Maceo Court from Gladys Miller to Rosemary Rearden $132,000


223 Bradstone Road from Kristhian Alcantara-Diaz and Laura A. Colorado-Ilueca to Shanda Y. Sutton and Jack M. Austin $120,000

412 Whitewater Drive from Richard Dean Raines to Deborah Sharpe $139,000

117 Cedar Crest Lane from Michael Wingo and Sharon Wingo to Craig Beach and Lynne Beach $401,264

301 Baltica Lane from Brenda W. Waites to Sharon Berkowitz $149,900

7 Hedgefield Court from Magen F. Starnes to Natalie Ann Parkerson $125,000

9 Gennessee Court from Derek L. Dutcher and Lisa Dutcher to Dustyn Scott McElroy and Kristina Lynn Smith $210,900

11 Oak Stand Court from Florin Zamfirescu and Liliana Zamfirescu to Gary Austin $151,750

109 Beckworth Lane from Jeremiah Holderbaugh and Christine Holderbaugh to Charlotte S. Moore $178,000

301 Audubon Oaks Way from Bailey Real Estate, Inc. to Amelia Faye Leeks $164,000

4 Chase Court from Gilbert C. Jordan and Patricia V. Jordan to Richard M. Beatty and Ann M. Beatty $425,000

111 Autumn Woods Drive from Lola M. Barnello to Linda M. Fitzpatrick $145,000

140 Lum Road from James C. Bouknight and Fay C. Bouknight to Camron L. Smith and Andrea M. Smith $300,000

516 Cabin Drive from James B. Thompson and Marjorie B. Thompson to Ryan Anthony Huber $225,000

597 Crawfish Lane from Adam D. Maar to Pablo Palacios Trevino and Gloria Trevino $240,500

217 Blue Mountain Drive from Toby L. Welborn and Susan Welborn to Eric P. Vejerano and Maria T. Vejerano $215,700

331 Ridge Run Trail from Camron L. Smith and Andrea W. Smith to Norberto Perez, Jr. and Marisol Perez $244,000

12 Pitsford Court from Ronald E. Alkire and Cynthia Alkire to Vincent Eugene Alkire $115,000

102 Gallatin Circle from David C. Bean and Diane K. Bean to Loretta M. Sass $165,000

105 Brassfield Court from Helen Anne Anderson to Jamie L. Williams and Katrina D. Williams $179,900

14 Marabou Court from Courtney N. Strum and Arlene M. Strum to Samantha A. Young $127,000

7 Summer Branch Court from Michael L. Chaney and Barbara C. Chaney f/k/a Barbara C. Wilson to Tigue A. Potter and Heidi L. Potter $144,900

1832 Freshly Mill Road from Larry Eugene Dail, Jr. and Patricia A. Dail to Zachary Homan $195,000

8 Morningstar Court from Tonia G. Morris to Will P. Levy, III and Melanie Levy $312,250

418 Sweet Thorne Road from James Steven McAbee to Joshua Smitherman and robin Smitherman $142,900

104 Fox Chapel Drive from Brannock Revocable Trust to Christopher T. Bryant, Jr. $141,900

126 Blackburn Road W. from Timothy W. Koch to Paul Shahbahrami $781,758


2900 Park St. from Jamie L. King to Conor Wade Fitzpatrick $102,900

3435 Park St. from Grant McMillan Fordham to Alexandra Parker and Nelson Russell Parker, Jr. $200,000

1914 Senate St. from SF Real Estate Holdings, LLC to Francis Marion Roddey, III $213,700

816 Gregg St. from Thomas L. Gregory, Carol G. Richter and Kaye G. Duck to Donald Sellers a/k/a Donald E. Sellers, Jr. and Christine Beachum Sellers $350,000

1100 Wheat St., Unit 406 from Paul White and Janet White to Dennis L. Malloy, Jr. $155,000

900 Taylor St., Unit 406 from Nathaniel B. Fine and Zachary J. Fine to Kristina Wuchenich and Christopher Wuchenich $135,500

1929 Bluff Road, Unit 133 from David Atzhorn, Teri Atzhorn, and Aileen Lauren Atzhorn n/k/a Aileen Harlow to Kurt Hamm and Stacey Hamm $132,500

1929 Bluff Road, Unit 91 from Frank B. Watts and Tammy G. Watts to Douglas Mitchell Wallace, Helen King Wallace and Douglas Jackson Wallace $190,000

1085 Shop Road, Unit 325 from David Stinson and Sandy Stinson to Anthony Zullo $152,000

405 Laurel Hill Lane from Ann E. Hampton to Joshua M. Godwin $158,000


145 Farrow Pointe Lane from C and C Builders of Columbia, Inc. to Anton D. Scott $147,500

420 N. Royal Fern Lane from Lorea M. Sample to Teresa Bristow $124,900


3278 Bagnal Drive from LeGrand G. Sample to Jewell B. Patterson $118,000

3035 Exmoor Road from Patrick H. Estes, III Trust B to Taylor S. Kimmett and Krystina L. Kimmett $229,000

216 Glenbrooke Circle from H. Burton Case, Jr. and Roberta W. Case to Benjamin W. Jett and Jayme M. Dyrdek $170,000

3107 Forest Drive from Carrington Properties of Columbia, LLC to Patrick Moruney Wright and Kandie Ann Wright $102,040

1923 Stanley St. from Jason Scott Belk and Anna-Grace J. Belk to Dalton M. Renick and Elaine Renick $230,000

120 Glenbrooke Circle from Cyrus D. Rogers, Lou W. Rogers and Rachel D. Rogers to Thomas Glasgow and Emily Glasgow $126,000

3135 Grace Hill Roadfrom Mary Lee F. Roper Revocable Trust to Wyman F. Bowers $325,000

1217 Dearborn Road from David A. King and Amy W. King to Ryan N. Barnes and Amber S. Barnes $435,000

3217 Covenant Roadfrom Bryan S. Willis to Adam M. Steele $129,400

3020 Trenholm Road, Unit 137 from Elaine H. Littlejohn to George A. Mangus, Jr. and Lauren C. Mangus $180,000

3704 Foxhall Road from ATG Investments, LLC to Susan Moore Curran $186,000

1418 Dearborn Road from Heyward E. Robinson and Lorna J. Robinson to Lawrence L. Orr, III $475,000

3151 Bagnel Drivefrom Brittany Allen to Whitney Thomas $167,000


503/505 Capitol Place from Capitol Place Duplex, LLC to Alexander L. McMillan $239,000

1122 Deerwood St. from Mark A. Schimmoeller to Stewart Weinberg and Margaret Weinberg $172,500

1200 Beltline Boulevard from Shannon Godby f/k/a Shannon M. Iriel to Joseph P. Tomlin $260,500

2609 Devine St., Unit 6 from Walter B. Johnson, III, Ashley T. Johnson and Tyler Johnson to Daniel Freeman $222,000

2607 Devine St., Unit 2A from Cary A. Levitt and Jaime A. Levitt to Charles M. Williams $210,000

310 S. Gregg St. from Stephen J. Lee, Sr. and Stephen J. Lee, Jr. to Constantine N. Karnazes, Julie K. Karnazes and Nicholas C. Karnazes $326,000

807 S. Prospect St. from RS Global Investment, LLC to Adam B. Lambert $137,000

127 Rosewood Hills Drive from Housing Authority of the City of Columbia, SC to Dennis McConomy, Donna McConomy and Alexis McConomy $191,900

4109 Beecliff Drive from Melanie A. Trimble to Jacob L. Vincent, John T. Vincent, III and Lesanne L. Vincent $154,500

517 Wando St. from Robert Wagner and Marian Wagner to Michael B. Adkins $120,000

806 Kawana Road from Meredith Weinberg Sella f/k/a Meredith A. Weinberg to LauraKate Anderson and Andrew McAllister $279,900

3917 Duncan St. from Catherine Alice Whitesides to Kevin W. Bauknight $187,900

808 Kawana Road from Mary Evanne Gallery n/k/a Mary Evanne Vang to Lance Grayson Putnam, William Barry Putnam and Milo Linn Anderson $275,000

18 Heathwood Circle from Jeanne H. Pennington Revocable Trust to Clarke McNair $1,275,000

825 Pembroke Avenue from Patricia A. Pierce to Carl Jenkinson $169,500

1201 Fairview Drive from Karen L. Lewandowski and Thomas R. Lewandowski to Meredith Weinberg Sella and David Sella-Villa $310,000

214 Sloan St. from Margaret M. Sellers to Adam Schor and Leah Doberne-Schor $422,880

3012 Millwood Avenue from L and D. Marketing Services, Inc. to Millwood Office, LLC $260,000

1326 Palmer Road from Wilson Co., LLC to Nathaniel H. Bocock and Laura R. Bocock $872,000

1500 Hollywood Drive from Richard C. Crumpler, Jr. and Chelsea L. Crumpler to Miriam Michelle Berrey $211,000

1326 Shirley St. from Walreed Dev Co, LLC to James Lucas McFadden $535,000

1463 and 1465 Brennen Road from EPOH Partnership to 1463 Brennan, LLC $167,450

510 King St. from Margaret R. Lacaruba to Thomas C. Mendoza and Megan A. Mendoza $205,000

524 Sims Avenue from C.E. Steele, Jr. and Vernice M. Steele to Mary Malnie Giese $471,000

3327 Blossom St. from DCG Properties, LLC to Tracy Kimberly Webb and Margaret Garges Webb $339,000

2918 Kershaw St. from Frances Eugenia Ellerbe to Ronald F. Jones and Teresa D. Jones $344,000

520 Howard St. from Kathryn Cavanaugh to Aria E. Dal Molin $189,000

2331 Santee Avenue from Northland Property Development, LLC to 145 Rickman, LLC $111,000

1224 Shirley St. from Marc F. Williams and Kathryn L. Williams to Susan C. Tyler $228,000

1717 Catawba St. from Diane K. Florence n/k/a Diane K. McIntosh to Sheryl K. Melioli $560,000

27 Rose Drive from Green Lion Properties, LLC to Stephanie Perez $104,200

3701 Prentice Avenue from Tidewater Partners, LLC to Cortney Dodson $229,000

2019 Heyward St. from Howard J. Hicks to Walter E. Fortuna and Mary R. Fortuna $362,000

3815 Barwick St. from Robert A. Bryson, Jr. and Amy R. Bryson to Zachary Kiritsy and Stephen Kiritsy $127,000

801 King St., Unit F from McTilden Atkins, III to Mark O. Sleeper, Jennifer C. Sleeper and Nicholas W. Walsh $122,500

329 Edisto Avenue from Seth Turnbaugh Thorp and Mae Ewing Young to John Aaron Gilchrist and Shani Raine Gilchrist $755,000

1125 S. Holly St. from Joshua L. Story to Anthony N. Caspio and Nicolas R. Caspio $203,000


2924 Willingham Drive from Ethel A. Trapp to Thomas Edward Kasperski, II and Gueneviere D. Kasperski $121,000

308 Percival Road, Unit 105 from Leventar Investments Corp. to Frank White and Lashila Harrison $135,000

132 Mayhaw Drive from Lady Street Builders, LLC to Nicholas M. Watanabe and Cheng Yan $339,000

3020 Trenholm Road, Unit 157 from Aidyn Lorraine Iachini to Lesley Coggiola $239,500

1320 Brennen Road, Unit 13 from Michael S. Mulvaney and Julie M. Mulvaney to Kristin Freestate $213,000

4513 Briarfield Road from Sharon K. Smith to Jared S. Baine $197,000

15 Orchard Circle from Gina C. Williams and Vivian A. Williams to Margaret S. Sparkes and Eric C. Sparkes $190,000

4725 Forest Ridge Lane from Robert F. Curtis and Sara Lynn J. Curtis to Michael W. Boozer and Caisoin F. Boozer $550,000

2310 Roper St. from Tracy K. Webb to Chris A. How and Kasey J. Stroud $420,000

40 Leawood Court from Elizabeth M. Walker, Trustee, under Revocable Trust Agreement with Elizabeth M. Walker to Bettianne P. Davenport $450,000

6466 Bridgewood Road from Jonathan Marc Vogt and Cameron Smith Vogt to Caroline M. Connare $271,000

3703 Overcreek Road from Jim C. Chow and Jean A. Chow to James Robert Herbert and Jazel Jane Teas $250,000

4623 Briarfield Road from RFSA, LLC to Jewell Marie Harvey $369,000


4721 Fernwood Road from Jennifer Dowling Thompson to Dawn Marie Eyler and Lauren Eyler $269,900


516 Byron Road from Julie Tucker Starnes to Nicholas Castellano $175,000

46 Castle Cary Court from Meena K. Patel to Cathy L. McRaney $121,000

30 Palatine Road from Joseph B. Bowie and Nancy J. Minard-Bowie to JuLayne Shiflett and George H. Shiflett $238,500

14 Peyton Road from Samuel W. Guerry and Jennifer M. Guerry to Megan Moore $215,000

1108 Lake Village Drive from NVR, Inc. to Angela Moody and Travis Anthony Moody $170,485

2709 Bendemeer Drive from Jason Pumphrey to Laqurandra Bunch and Randon Z. Bunch $105,000

23 Charnock Way from Barbara Ann Purvis to Elizabeth M. Sprague $127,000

4477 Ft. Jackson Boulevard from Artemas Elliott Cox, William Brantly Cox and Cox Family, LLC to John Rauch and Felicia Rauch $105,000

434 Veterans Road from Michael B. Olson to Kimberlee Reese Kuykendall and Wells W. Reese $130,000

423 Veterans Road from Maria del Carmen Carrero to Nigel D. Wigfall $145,900

20 Winslow Court from Ameica L. Mueller a/k/a Ameica L. Phillips a/k/a Ameica Banks to Louis J. Hargrove and Shanita R. Hargrove $110,000

844 Malibu Drive from CCHR, LLC to Amanda Nemenz $268,475

5 Peyton Road from James Jonathan Zeigler and Natalie A. McKelvey to Kelly G. Nguyen $195,000

41 Opus Court from Kelley M. Jeffcoat to Antway J. Moore $128,500

700 Byron Road from Mary Kristen Puckett and Ian Lewis Scholl to Thomas Brazell and Barbara Brazell $135,000

232 Routhland Court from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Juwan Xavier Ayers $140,000

101 Caughman Park Drive from Michael S. Trent and Peggy S. Trent to John T. Carter, Jr. and Vicki L. Carter $185,000

1050 Flat Chimney Loop from J. W. Randolph Bolton and Valerie E. Bolton to Steven D. Dennis $524,500


509 Lanesborough Drive from Sonia A. Serrata to Jonathan M. Howell and Mallory H. Howell $127,000


25 Grove Hall Lane from Dennis Brassard and Glenna Brassard to Matthew R. Cieri and Kara E. Cieri $181,900

73 Grove Hall Lane from James A. Kiser, Jr. and Joan P. Kizer to Kimberley Jason Robbins $202,500

118 Chinquapin Circle from Alan David Clark to Joseph T. Martin $164,900


4725 Alpine Road from Tabitha J. Mull f/k/a Tabitha Quesinberry to Fowler Family, LLC $120,000

7 Gyle Court from Sean Joseph Bowie to Ronny Hernandez and Maria D. Hernandez $165,000

167 Angel Garden Way from Russell B. Harless to Arnez Lamone Gray $110,000

209 Brookspring Road from Joseph P. Tomlin to Terrence E. Warren $217,900

255 Flora Springs Circle from Marvin McGhee to Isiah Brown $185,000

331 Allans Mill Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Timple J. Willis $169,028

231 Branch Hill Lane from Melba Rice Reeves to Diane Tinsley $362,500

309 Park Shore Drive, E. from Joe M. Burns, Jr. and Tammy W. Burns to Teresa A. Hildreth $222,500

108 Gale River Road from Thomas C. Ryan, Jr. and Kimberly R. Ryan to Hiliard R. Sumpter and Danielle Ann Cook $178,000

128 Mountain Laurel Lane from Delorias M. Lenard to Jamesetta L. Palmer and Donald L. Palmer $168,900

212 Hounds Court N. from Marva M. Meredith to Robin C. Jacks $135,000

408 Lockleven Drive from Canmore Investment Group, LLC to Cameron D. Doctor and Davishia L. Jones $175,000

116 Peaceful Lane from Jimmy K. Evans, Jr. to Krystin Annell Moscosco $125,000

7909 Crestbrook Road from Kathleen Lynch, David Bryan Lynch a/k/a David Brian Lynch and Sandra Lynn Lynch a/k/a Sandra Lynne Lynch to Kate Elizabeth Hart and Jason Montoya Hart $117,000

120 Allans Mill Drive from Coly Parrott a/k/a Joseph C. Parrott to Amanda Scott $130,900

205 Northlake Road from Unlimited Home Builders, Inc. to Chris C. Bailey and Lynda C. Bailey $465,000

27 Berry Tree Lane from Chris C. Bailey and Lynda C. Bailey to Joseph A. Bivens and Anne G. Bivens $394,800

105 Remington Drive from Possess The Land of SC, LLC to Robin Nicole Nesbitt and LaShena Sherril Sales $100,000

1917 Larchmont Drive from Wanda Renee Pruitt and Rosa M. Pruitt to Christopher Rust $106,000

1805 Fairlamb Avenue from David Soto to Phillis S. Sheppard $105,000

7821 Jeanette Drive from Elizabeth C. Maszk Irrevocable Living Trust to Quanna L. Cross $117,900

2016 Shelby Drive from Jessica Leigh Horne n/k/a Jessica Leigh Horne Agee to Robert Bartley and Pamela Bartley $110,000


106 Kendrick Road from Tara C. Brown n/k/a Tara Godbolt to Jonathan J. Lee $109,180

162 Berkeley Ridge Drive from Robert M. Summers and Stephanie C. Summers to Tricia Howell-Holton and David Holton $225,000

8 Troon Court from Sandra Prewitt Hines to Stephanie Sanders and Thomas Sanders $189,500

946 Murchison Drive from Andrea Bunche to Safee Jones $115,000

506 Hogans Run from Scott D. Walters and Michelle P. Walters to Michael Nichols and Daleena Nichols $225,000

211 Faircrest Way from Estate of Fred Boyd Fowler, Jr. to Madonna Soriano, Estrella Topacio and Nakia Laval Jones $126,100

918 Centennial Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Terry D. Roberts and Michele R. Roberts $283,063

117 Beacon Lane from Nex Ventures Realty, Inc. to Laverne Yvette Harrison and Lennard C. Harrison $175,000

151 Cogburn Road from Sandra A. King and Kevin King to Larry Outing, Jr. $155,000

325 Afton Lane from Travis Zigler and Jenna Zigler to Jacob Winfield and Elizabeth Winfield $174,900

926 Buckman Court from Daniel R. Weller and Jennifer Weller f/k/a Jennifer M. Urban to Andre C. Flemming and Shanai L. Flemming $159,900

446 Glacier Way from Norman P. Mills to Gladys Miller $121,500

306 Water Hickory Way from Joey C. Derrick and Nancy V. Derrick to Angela A. Burns $222,000

19 Brookmist from Sharon E. Williams to Josette M. Jordan and William Roy A. Jordan $219,900

313 Stueber Drive from Melvyn R. Bailey to Janice T. Roberts $106,000

108 Carraway Drive from Richard G. Reece to Marva M. Meredith $111,500

203 Fallen Leaf Drive from Michael J. Giurato and Nancy L. Giurato to Jimmy K. Evans, Jr. and Amber M. Evans $225,000

115 Silverwood Trail from Shirley M. Turner to Terry Robison, John Godfrey and Christopher Godfrey $166,900

320 Bombing Range Road from Eddie L. Washington and Lorelei Washington to Marnesha F. Jeffrey $120,000

737 Elderberry Lane from Brandon L. Beaver and Dawn M. Beaver to David Richard Bartell and Abigail Lee Bartell $146,000

229 Brooksdale Drive from Joe T. Johnson and Pamela L. Johnson to Eddie L. Washington and Lorelei Washington $238,000

201 McBride Court from Cynthia M. King a/k/a Cynthia King, David Mende and Gil Mende, Jr. a/k/a Gill Mende, Jr. to Lena A. Davis $101,000

17 Tambridge Court from Wanda L. Culbertson to Christopher D. Culbertson $162,478

9 Misty Ridge Court from Marcus T. Evans and Dehye Evans to Yolanda R. Wilson $127,000

2080 Lake Carolina Drive from Stephan Burton Revocable Trust to Deondra Lee Johnson $135,000

213 Indigo Springs Drive from Ruben A. Navarrete and Elizabeth Navarrete to Quinton D. Riddley-Ayala and Jasmine M. Riddley-Ayala $180,000

Lexington County


2617 Riverland Drive from Thomas A. Harman, Jr. to Andrew J. Allorto $157,500

2423 Taylor Road from William Watson Fuller, Jr. and Brenda Darlene Fuller to Charles J. Daniels and Carol B. Daniels $175,000

1870 Charleston Highway from LB&M, LLC to Rebekah Chapman $118,800

2211 Maylynn Drive from S. Ray Stoudemire to Brigham C. Watson $120,000

106 Hickory Lane from Richard S. Woodyard, James R. Woodyard, John F. Keith, III and Lara H. Keith O'Hara to John McDonald Cooley, Jr. and James Hartwell Hayden $148,500


820 Yacht Club Point from Willis L. Shaw to Judith N. Mattox $535,000

1212 Cypress Valley Drive from D.R. Horton, Inc. to Martin A. Lamar $262,565

480 Sid Bickley Road from Hayes Family Trust to Nathan L. Newman $530,000

827 Summer Sands Court from Mungo Homes, Inc. to James Alan McMillen and Dorothy Rae McMillen $305,565

504 Links Pointe Court from New Start Homes, LLC to David Michael Dart and Sarah C. Woods $300,000

407 Eagle Claw Court from Alton Eric Blackwell and Lakie Michelle Blackwell to John Oates and Stephanie Oates $246,000

156 Stoney Pointe Drive from Scott T. Bender and Ashley D. Bender to David N. Wertz and Cheryl A. Wertz $145,000

209 Night Harbor Drive from Dale Smalley to Mark P. Walsh and Rae Malee Walsh $293,000

108 Sundance Point from David R. Reid to Rymer, LLC $140,000

438 Mediterranean Avenue from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Connor J. Pickett $225,000

440 Brookridge Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Mary Helen Makoski $388,000

139 Chapin Road from Russell W. Delaney to Thomas E. Mack, Jr. and Daniel Allen Blocker $140,000

473 Wood Willow Point from Estate of Diane C. Watchinski to Michael John Shiels and Anita Alice Shiels $1,300,000

660 Murray Lindler Road from David L. Slaughter and Vicki S. Slaughter to Shaun B. Perry and Kathy Perry $205,000

129 Oak Trace Court from Terry A. Macaluso to Larry E. Gorman and Pamela D. Gorman $295,000

832 Summer Sands Court from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Molly Ann McMillen, Dorothy Rae McMillen and James Alan McMillen $298,072

124 Eagle Pointe Drive from Eric L. Johnson and Angel G. Johnson to Christoher J. Lashway $156,000

1117 Old Bush River Road from John P. Flynn, II to James W. Waddill and Diane P. Waddill $194,900

123 Moyer Drive from Zachary Thomas Hess to Thomas Robert Kokoska and Angela Marie Kokoska $179,000

757 Xander Way from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Wayne R. Hollis and Andrea L. Hollis $279,900

207 Woolbright Lane from Fortress Homes, LLC to Heather Y. Honeycutt and Christopher Honeycutt $242,900

136 Hilton View Drive from Michael Shawn Broadway and Angela V. Broadway to John S. Rizzo and Christel B. Grazier $360,000

149 Bayfront Drive from Kelley Garick-Kelly and Kyle W. Kelly to Edgardo Morales-Rodriquez and Loraine Morales $169,000

522 Walt Rauch Road from Harry Phillip Heilmann and Regena Marie Heilmann to Glenn E. Horn and Stephanie Evans Horn $343,000


1215 Mack St. from Donnie Ray Matthews to Jainil, LLC $300,000

1631 Highway 6 from Roger Carl Waleri and Patricia Ann Waleri to Ambrocio Gutierrez $175,000

224 Preston St. from Donny R. Matthews, II to Donny R. Matthews $105,000

461 Lawndale Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Michael D. Long and Darlene A. Snyder $158,496


229 Blackthorn Road from George J. Peopping and Natalie R. Peopping to Tommy L. Chittum $135,000

330 Kimberton Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Adrianne H. Wozniak $273,046

210 Hutto Hill from Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Timothy A. Couch and Tina M. Couch $169,900

29070 Swamp Rabbit Road from Wyman Oswald to Henry R. Hall and Patti C. Kneece $394,714

918 Marcellus Road from Rickey Schleis-Hooyman and Tabatha Schleis-Hooyman to Harold Pedersen $247,500

601 and 605 Pine Grove Road from David R. Wooten to Brent Bailey and Esther Bailey $106,500

1139 Nature Lane from Jeffrey Earl Hunter to Daniel S. Trotter and Meredith N. Trotter $365,000

246 Marina Cove Drive from Todd W. Oren and Kendra K. Oren to Sabrina Smith $148,900

2042 Shull Avenue from Wayne Haltiwanger and Teresa Addy Haltiwanger to Ralph R. Britain and Cindy H. Britain $309,000


308 Friarsgate Boulevard from Estate of Marlene B. Brown and James H. Brown to Takesha K. Pollock and Melvin Kershaw $110,000

407 Cressfell Road from Tyler J. Saunders to Federal National Mortgage Association $119,781


109 Switch Grass Drive from James R. Lachance and Heather L. Lachance to Jonathan Alan Kaylor $176,900

2453 Fairview Road from Scott J. Mowry and Suzanne P. Mowry to Nelson R. Hill and Tara P. Hill $238,000


109 Dupre Mill Road from Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Bethany Patton Kellis $126,500

133 Corley Woods Drive from Joaquim da Rosa to Gary D. Barboza and Anne A. Barboza $163,000

421 Hosta Lane from D.R. Horton, Inc. to Stephen Schwartz $307,970

220 Pawleys Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Sayed Imteyaz Syed and Mazreen Zainulabdeen $297,596

128 Morning Dew Drive from D.R. Horton - Crown, LLC to Stephanie L. Roberson and Bobby F. Roberson, Jr. $284,345

119 Bellewood Drive from CR Properties, LLC to Joshua Brookshire Hall and Mackenzie Dacus Hall $180,100

338 Coldwater Crossing from Lifestone Residential, LLC to Paul M. Newell and Katherine H. Newell $373,670

124 Morning Dew Drive from D.R. Horton - Crown, LLC to Brenton C. Daniels and Bradie Daniels $351,354

133 Madison Park Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Laura Beth Whitehead $218,000

133 Chesterton Drive from Nicole Ravenell Edwards to Rebecca Carolina d'Erizans $142,000

621 Dawsons Park Way from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Beth Ann Witherel $171,000

13 Tall Palmetto Lane from David B. Nicholson and Shirley H. Nicholson to Sarah L. Beier $117,500

321 Waters Edge Court from Justin William Turner and Beth Goodwin Turner to Vincent Piccirillo and Linda Piccirillo $380,000

Dreher St./Harmon from Russell Frederick Shull to The Town of Lexington $288,400

145 Tybo Drive from Benjamin H. Harris to Alexander Wyatt Smith $149,900

149 Meadow Wood Drive from Carolina Factoring, Inc. to Jennifer T. White $105,000

315 Feather Site Court from Don R. Weaver to Eric C. Strayer $146,500

450 Horse Cove Road from Dawn Foran and Neal D. Clark to Dennis Day $279,000

216 Cobbleview Drive from James E. Laurence and Karen D. Laurence to Jacob Alan Garza $182,500

512 Blue Lake Drive from Nimal T. Bandara and Ajantha Kumari to Tyler J. Jennings and Jessica E. Jennings $173,000

108 Arnwood Court from Joel A. Brantner and Kristin C. Brantner a/k/a Kristin C. Brantner to Phillip M. Catalfamo $222,000

221 Wood Eden Court from Kristi L. Murphy to Bryan S. Hallman and Cara M. Hallman $261,900

204 Lockwood Drive from William Patrick Melton and Marianne Di Diego Melton to Forest Dutton and Amanda Dutton $215,000

659 Brackel Way from Matthew Roclevitch to Beverly Ann Hiott $155,000

180 Vista Oaks Drive from Clare E. Robbins to James R. Boling and Jane A. Boling $162,500

909 Old Chapin Road from James Boling and Jane Boling to Alexander Grafov and Jordan Grafov $241,400

135 Crestwood Arch from Matthew F. McArdle and Jennifer Lynn McArdle to Raymond F. Brown and Lynda K. Brown $103,900

104 Gibson Forest Drive from Kelly Jo LaMarche n/k/a Kelly Jo Morales to Kyele Liam James and Jennifer James $128,000

104 Heddon Drive from Christopher Reynolds and Heather Ann Reynolds to John Lettieri and Susan Lettieri $285,000

233 Yale Road from Carrie Tucker to Bradley Rasmussen and Erin Rasmussen $261,400

224 Rising Star Court from Joseph F. Haley and Jennifer Haley to Daniel E. Wells $322,500

517 Deanna Court from Toni L. Hill to Mark A. Romano and Jeannine M. Romano $180,000

106 Hobcaw Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to William R. Kearney, V and Dawn Z. Kearney $325,101

115 Old Woodlands Boulevard from Nancy J. Clary to Cathy P. Young $440,000

428 Hayfield Lane from Ashley K. Gable n/k/a Ashley Burr and Trenton W. Burr to David Gabriel J. Golden and Sarah E. Golden $165,000

125 Breezes Drive, 23C from Joseph L. Harrison to Lyndall W. Dantzler $148,900

703 Dawsons Park Way from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Andrew W. Cleveland $150,662

324 Park Road from Ghazi Abikhaled to Matthew Shockley $335,000

8904 Neighbor Lane from Carter Family Revocable Living Trust to Kimberly Honeycutt $170,000

308 Whiteford Way from Jesse E. Waldrip and Holly H. Waldrip to Roberta Annetta Braneck $225,000


167 Darian Drive from Kelly W. Horton n/k/a Kelly L. Wofford to Aaron L. Sanders $107,000

731 Westfield Road from D.R. Horton, Inc. to Kevin R. Morgan and Megan L. Morgan $185,925

365 Cape Jasmine Way from Brownstone Homes, LLC to Tania L. Romero and Anthony M. Enriquez $151,000

140 Castlefield Drive from Erin Hammerstrom to Christopher Blanding and Lauryn Blanding $137,000

157 Living Waters Boulevard from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Phillip Allen Stutts and Sian Tiffany Stutts $187,100

144 Cassique Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Richard Dimas $169,649

109 Rustic Crossing from Estate of Eleanor O’Flaherty to Amanda M. Burgess $176,000

1.62 acres on Platt Springs Road from Kenneth O. Halter and Naomi I. Halter to SAFE Federal Credit Union $875,000

108 Tennyson Drive from Bette Koch a/k/a Bette A. Koch to Andrew J. Thacker $112,600

102 Bending Oak Court from Scott H. Fulmer to William Robert Skillman and Kayla R. Skillman $155,000

466 Finch Lane from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Paul Williams and Mary B. Dunbar $150,000

218 Crassula Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Airel A. Bennett $146,000

238 Crassula Drive from C and C Builders of Columbia, Inc. to Charles B. Williams and Sharon C. Williams $147,719

1134 Long Ridge Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Douglas J. Griffin and Seniqua L. Griffin $325,949

306 Otero Lane from Grant Shirk and Meredith I. Shirk to Shawn T. Vargo $179,900

East Side of Cannon Trail Road from Eleanor B. Wilson, Lucien V. Bruno, Jr. and Elizabeth B. Eaton to Cannon Springs, LLC $340,000

586 Silverbell Court from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Victoria Mae Leonard $217,592


624 Bub Shumpert Road from Angela Kaye Pauline to Jaime G. Grifaldo $122,000


1355 Woodford Road from Vickie I. Twining a/k/a Vicki I. Twining to Christopher John Pilkington and Marynes Pilkington $100,000


185 Congaree Park Drive from Anne W. Bauknight to Dawn Staley $230,000

181 Congaree Park Drive from Trust A U/W/O Abb A. Jeffcoat, Jr. to Dawn Staley $200,000

709 Teakwood Court from Beverly J. Swaim Revocable Trust to Karen A. Coleman $179,900

206 Riverwalk Drive from Pamela K. Benicewicz and Brian C. Benicewicz to Jeffrey A. Guy $275,000

1644 Goldfinch Lane from Michael S. Lewter, Jr. and Vicki M. Lewter to Adam P. McKinley and Cecelia B. McKinley $247,500

140 Weeping Oak Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Khalid Ahmad Yousufzai $187,541

455 Beverly Drive from Homes By Harrington, Inc. to Brittany D. Scott $211,000


531 Hallsborough Drive from Brandon William Lee and Summer D. Ashley n/k/a Summer A. Lee to James B. Holland $189,000

136 Montclair Drive from Donald W. Brewer, II to Nicholas Young and Amber Young $119,000

204 Yellow Fox Court from Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Andrew Burkhardt and Jacqueline Burkhardt $150,900

183 Emanuel Creek Drive from Michael T. Nichols and Daleena A. Nichols to Ellen M. Thomas $168,900

3156 Cimarron Trail from William P. Rhoden and Kathy L. Rhoden to Barry J. Hossler and Janice R. Hossler $132,500

208 Autumnview Court from Stanley R. Winfrey, Sr. and Tianda T. Winfrey to Robert B. Roemer, Sr. and Linda M. Roemer $155,000

213 Dove Trace Drive from Jaime E. Buczek a/k/a Jaime Hiller and Russell S. Hiller to Cinthya N. Gonzalez $126,000

424 Congaree Ridge Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Russell Lowery and Kimberly Lowery $298,000

240 Darby Way from Christopher A. Walters to Daniel Dees $156,000

187 Hunters Mill Lane from Geoffrey Tuttle Ford to Stacey Elizabeth Dey $126,000


504 Summer Creek Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Marquis Story $178,000

1554 Coolbreeze Drive from Lewis Welch and Lisa Welch to Ackeem P. Dunchie and Arayna Nicole Dunchie $119,000

631 Pine Branch Lane from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Jonathan Maxwell Long $150,893


839 Tara Trail from Lawrence C. Shackley and Joanne Shackley to Charlie W. Allen $170,000

308 Leton Drive from Deanna S. Friend to Deanna S. Friend, Darci P. Parisher and Damon W. Parisher $182,500


177 Char Oak Drive from Thomas P. Cothran and Loula S. Cothran to Cara J. Edwards $385,000

200 E. Passage from Kathy M. Schaffer Olson to Richard Scott Berry $195,000

110 Valcour Road from Stewardship Homes, LLC to Mercedes Diaz Ramirez $129,500

607 Zanark Drive from Leslie P. Taylor and Jack H. Taylor to Don Zollinger and Krystal Zollinger $138,000

204 Langsdale Road from Frank B. O'Neill and Sally W. O'Neill to James Ronald Campbell and Kim Mann Campbell $270,000

853 Shelter Cove Court from Charlotte S. Moore to Bruce Allen Martin $249,000

1509 N. Woodstream Road from Zachary Mantooth and Megan Mantooth to Kraig D. Sass $170,500

213 Weeping Cherry Lane from Porter Properties, LLC to Zachary Mantooth and Megan T. Mantooth $263,000

240 Merchants Drive from Nelly Lopez to Melissa A. Meetze $125,000

122 Seafarer Lane from Kevin L. Belka, Sr. Revocable Trust to Terry Sanford and Timi McCorvey $139,000

319 Quincannon Road from Amanda Sandoval f/k/a Amanda Jean Witdoeckt to Willie Sims and Jalissa Sims $134,000

115 Botney Way from John W. Cato and Linda C. Cato to Barnwell J. Marks $155,000

36 Stone Market Road from Samuel F. Painter and Brenda B. Painter to Gregory Scott Huey and Melissa Dawn Huey $245,000

209 Palm Lake Drive from Robert J. Sellers, Jr. and Rebecca I. Sellers to Philip C. Smith and Eric W. Melaro $650,000

Kershaw County


100 Mary Dell Lane from Clyde Parker, Jr. to Austin Perry $135,000


15 Carlisle Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Sarah Wilson Nettles and Phillip David Nettles $202,500

802 Greene St. from Greene Street Investments, LLC to Frederic F. Allen Trust $172,000

1011 Sunnyhill Drive from Kenneth P. Ekman and Renee K. Ekman to Charles G. Anderson, Jr. and Bonnie R. Anderson $167,500

41 Genesis Lane from Mason Smith and Stephanie Smith to NEI Global Relocation Company $203,000

41 Genesis Lane from NEI Global Relocation Company to Steven Ray Peaper and Renee May Peaper $203,000

401 Cool Springs Drive from King's Head, LLC to Christopher Jerrell Sherrer and Michelle Leann Sherrer $250,000

1815 Springdale Drive from Bryan C. Farmer and Karen O. Farmer to Raymond Hoyum and Miriam Hoyum $607,000

17 Belmont Drive from Shamitra L. Goodwin to Jason P. Jacobs $160,000

1820 Brevard Place from McCoy M. Hill Revocable Trust, John C. Hill, Katherine W. Hill and Isabel M. Hill to Richard M. Markley and Meta B. Markley $250,000


10 Pear Tree Loop from ACT Capital, LLC to David L. Crowley and Stephanie S. Crowley $169,900

103 Driftwood Avenue from Secretary of Veterans Affairs to William David Slemp $146,000

1044 Sayre Lane from John D. Sayre, Jr. to Eberhard W. Stefan and Cassandra D. Stefan $133,000

2261 Red Hawk Circle from Jason R. Ruff and Kelsey L. Ruff to Jerrold Andrew Tankersley and Allison Yvette Tankersley $180,000

6 Lillie Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Patrick Pappion and Shirley Pappion $218,650

68 Lillifield Drive from Vanessa D. Bartley to Nathaniel B. Smith and Kimberly C. Smith $253,000

2403 Anderson Court from Allison B. Mix n/k/a Allison Zsolzai to John B. Thomas and Marcene Elizabeth Inman $127,500

121 Stratford Plantation Drive from John Ridenhour to Liliana Kay $315,000

11 Caraway Court from Truman 2016 SC6 Title Trust to Jennifer L. Reeves and Jason Norris $147,500


4689 Haile Gold Mine Road from Christopher G. Chick to Christopher A. Callahan and Tamara A. Callahan $335,000


28 Mauser Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Jaclyn K. Lemonds and Everett A. Lemonds $234,268

109 Ward Road from Jason T. Irwin to Joseph Watts, Jr. and Laura Lee Watts $110,000

32 Darby Lane from Donnie W. Wilson and Sarah W. Nettles f/k/a Sarah M. Wilson to Daniel D. Wallace $146,000

410 Spring Village Road from Madi Investments, LLC to Kelsey B. Nichols $130,000

53 Victoria Road from Lisa J. Breault n/k/a Lisa J. Pietrowicz to Christopher S. Hunter and Tiffani Marie Hunter $170,000

Top Five Richland County

18 Heathwood Circle 29205 from Jeanne H. Pennington Revocable Trust to Clarke McNair $1,275,000

620 Beaver Park Drive 29045 from Grady S. Smith, Jr. and Patricia L. Smith to William S. Goodwin $550,000

1041 Ellett Road 29036 from Bunny Carol Runge to Irrevocable Trust for The Benefit of Maigan Elizabeth Nieri $525,000

4 Chase Court 29063 from Gilbert C. Jordan and Patricia V. Jordan to Richard M. Beatty and Ann M. Beatty $425,000

117 Cedar Crest Lane 29063 from Michael Wingo and Sharon Wingo to Craig Beach and Lynne Beach $401,264

Top Five Lexington County

1.62 acres on Platt Springs Road 29073 from Kenneth O. Halter and Naomi I. Halter to SAFE Federal Credit Union $875,000

209 Palm Lake Drive 29212 from Robert J. Sellers, Jr. and Rebecca I. Sellers to Philip C. Smith and Eric W. Melaro $650,000

820 Yacht Club Point 29036 from Willis L. Shaw to Judith N. Mattox $535,000

480 Sid Bickley Road 29036 from Hayes Family Trust to Nathan L. Newman $530,000

115 Old Woodlands Boulevard 29072 from Nancy J. Clary to Cathy P. Young $440,000

Top Three Kershaw County

1815 Springdale Drive 29020 from Bryan C. Farmer and Karen O. Farmer to Raymond Hoyum and Miriam Hoyum $607,000

4689 Haile Gold Mine Road 29067 from Christopher G. Chick to Christopher A. Callahan and Tamara A. Callahan $335,000

121 Stratford Plantation Drive 29045 from John Ridenhour to Liliana Kay $315,000