Lake Murray waterfront property in Richland County sells for $1.04 million

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Richland County


35 Veranda Lane Charles W. Kegley, Jr. and Debra J. Kegley to Bruce D. Norris and Luz Sophia Colon Escobar $607,700

131 Bardwell Way John C. Covert and Tami F. Covert to Orson A. Ravenell and Dianna D. Ravenell $585,000

8 Ashfield Lane Wendy N. Fuess and Steven H. Friedenberg to Angelique R. St. Rose $450,000

244 Longtown Road W. C and C Builders of Columbia, Inc. to Bradley E. Turner and Christle A.Turner $320,000

226 Glen Village Circle Luke Myllykangas and Sarah White Evans to Deecie Chambless and Jane Mann $309,000

237 Summers Trace Drive Maurice Ellis and Yoshimi Cobb to Khadim Amar $280,000

1211 Lorick Road Elizabeth A. Clemens to Christopher Sinceno and Jennifer Sinceno $234,900

750 Pebblebranch Lane Mungo Homes, Inc. to Cynthia Denise McCaskill $170,878

13 S. Firetower Court Brad Wenzel to Levi C. Thomas and Debra Thomas $142,000

27.5 acres on Hidden Valley Road Marguerite W. Bailey to Tim Calder $124,682


517 Village Church Drive Charles E. Wilkie and Sandra G. Wilkie to Christopher Newman and Anne Newman $289,000

126 Haven Circle Gregory R. Boulton and Cynthia Boulton to John Broughton $285,000

366 Hollow Cover Road Mungo Homes, Inc. to Christopher L. Sternenberg and Courtney C. Sternenberg $249,900


752 Dial Creek Road Mungo Homes, Inc. to Michael H. Brown and Ashley R. Neininger $438,000

233 Liberty Ridge Drive Mungo Homes, Inc. to Sakietha M. Davis and Ashley Nicole Davis $266,003

113 Branch Hill Drive Estate of Sue Curtis Todd to Joseph T. Mercadante, Joseph M. Mercadante and Rachel A. Mercadante $145,000


159 Alexander Pointe Drive Planet Home Lending, LLC to Kayla Myers $137,000


116 Signal Lane Mark A. Quindlen Revocable Trust to Hind H. Kasir and David L. Kasir $1,040,000

1024 Saint Johns Road Michael Cameron and Darlene Cameron to Santana Jones and Robert C. Jones $450,000

154 Old Market Lane Robin C. Puett to Janet S. Porth $285,000

12 Rainbows End Court Steven C. Leighty and Katelynn E. Leighty to Kyle David McGann and Lorraine Candido McGann $274,900

7 Tight Lie Court Byron Sherman, Jr. and Jeanette Sherman to Carleen L. Horenkamp $229,000

1008 Jones Road Stephen R. Patterson and Annette M. Patterson to Shanna S. Sheppar $210,000

289 Glen Arbor Loop Terri B. Wood n/k/a Terri B. Bradshaw to Haleigh C. Bolduc and Derek Carrara $176,000

207 Shillingford Road Richard W. Hellmann and Barbara S. Hellmann to Eddie Wade Forrest, II $165,000

201 Whitewater Drive Kenny E. Belk to Broderick A. Boone $159,000

131 Saratoga Road Stanley D. Conine and Adrienne D. Conine to Robert Van Buskirk $155,000

301 Glen Rose Circle James C. Cheshire, III and Estate of Jananne Pettis Cheshire to Trinique Jamissee Tucker $154,000


1001 Washington St. Leslie H. McIver and 1527 Blanding Street Partners to House of Art, LLC $779,000

900 Gregg St., Unit 2B Allan E. Stalvey and Karen B. Stalvey to Alice J. Fort $390,000

1049 Key Road, Unit 25 John Alexander Fant and Kathryn F. Davalos f/k/a Kathryn L. Fant to Dennis L. Jordan, Shannon H. Jordan and Blake Lee Jordan $200,000

128 Lincoln St. Gregory Drose McCaskill and Savannah E. McCaskill to Vince Watkins and Vincent Watkins $200,000

2338 Main St. John Lem to Supernatural, LLC $200,000

2907 River Drive Catherine Carter Scott to Joshua Cole Simpson and Bethany Mitchell Simpson


1166 Olympia Avenue Jessica N. Martin to Hunter Wyer and Melissa Wyer $135,000


424 Summerlea Drive Elizabeth Cardell to Micah Taylor Lybrand and Caroline Mary Roark $145,000

1136 Denny Road Stewardship Homes, LLC to Jonathan K. Furst $105,000

6407 Farrow Road Gwendolyn B. Ward to Greenview First Baptist Church $100,000


3804 Linbrook Drive Thomas E. Garvin and Ashley C. Garvin to Benjamin Scott Harrington and Kathryn Ann Harrington $175,000


853 Burwell Lane Blythe Building Company, LLC to Daniel Shannon Stephens $600,000

2404 Monroe St. G. Glenn Matthews, III to Kyle G. Michel and Melanie M. Michel $495,000

528 Capitol Place Richard W. Scheimann, Jr. and Rebecca L. M. Scheimann to Leonor Lourido- Wolfman $347,500

816 Burwell Lane Columbia Town Properties, LLC to Monnie R. Gabriel and Geoffrey A. Gabriel $339,900

3014 Amherst Avenue Peggy James McClure to Angela M. Kirby and Sidney O. Nash, III $330,702

707 Buckingham Road Tarek Shazly and Lindsay R. Shazly to Alexander Guzman and Stacey Ann Guzman $315,000

1504 Saramont Road Donna L. Drake to Andrew M. Cheatham and Anne F. Cheatham $295,000

2507 Duncan St. Charles W. Salley Revocable Trust to John A. Stefanides $255,000

800 S. Maple St. William Josepg Bossong and Shannon Ashley Bossong to Ashley M. Williard and Brendan Loper $245,000

3911 Duncan St. Andrew M. Cheatham to David E. Dukes, Jr. and Mary Ashton Nalley $229,500

517 S. Walker St. Aseem H. Raval to Robert E. Williams and Caitlin SCCQ Williams $190,000

705 Maple St., Unit A102 A. Brian Congdon and Christine W. Congdon to Paige B. Bryant, Stephen R. Bryant and Sharon W. Bryant $186,500

1101 Elm Avenue Sarah L. Langston and Matthew R. Urbiss to MacKenzie L. Smith $177,900

603 S. Beltline Boulevard Joshua R. Bremseth and Michael D. Bremseth to Michael M. Perkins $155,500

710 Hemphill St. Erin Lindsay Carroll to Christopher D. Hallum and Shirelle H. Hallum $154,000

1102 Deerwood St. David Weaver to Mark R. Causey $135,000


5115 Lakeshore Drive John A. Gay to Randall Stewart Barre and Griffith Blackwell Barre $549,000

1525 Idalia Drive Zachary M. Kilpatrick, Jr. to Mark Nidiffer and Elizabeth Nidiffer $537,500

5626 Pinebranch Road Tiffany W. Ligon and William C. Ligon to Jennifer E. Thompson and Eric R. Thompson $400,000

1881 Willingham Drive Nancy Ross Richardson and James Edgar Richardson to Daniel J. Horst $293,000

3327 Overcreek Road Thomas Bristol to Gary Brock and Heidi Wallace $268,000

4 Lake Court Sharyn Ashley Cole Story and Stephen Russell Story, Jr. to Briana E. Stirling and Zachary M. Stirling $247,000

4431 Sylvan Drive Frank T. Bolton and Mirinda A. Bolton to Stephen Michael Cuddington and Danielle Burrows Cuddington $242,000

6901 Wedgefield Road Vita Investments of South Carolina, LLC to Donna Mary Schaffer $211,000

5901 Woodvine Road Carl L. Solomon to Mitchell Rainsford $185,000

4921 Bethel Church Road Leslie Page Crenshaw to Randall Patrick Boland $171,591

6721 Eastbrook Road Betty Shannon Evans and James L. Evans to Alisa M. Ryder and Sean J. Ryder $137,900

149 Eagle Park Drive Shayla M. Robinson to Quentin Adonte Jones $131,900


5027 Wittering Drive John F. Beach and Jane N. Beach to William C. Ligon and Tiffany W. Ligon $818,500


301 Chimney Hill Road James T. Fuller to Sabrina H. Williams and Jeffrey S. Williams $340,000

420 Chambly Drive David Weaver to Anthony L. Cooper and Lindsey C. Cooper $268,000

426 Hampton Trace Lane Nicholas R. Simontis to Bryan L. Tucker and Margaret A. Tucker $249,900

7418 Coachmaker Road Grace J. McCracken to Jonathan E. Rivers $198,500

6248 Yorkshire Drive Ronald Keith McAdams to Nicholas Ray Williamson and Annmarie Williamson $185,000

30 Downing St. Hunter M. Price and Beth A. Price to Richard William Harper and Kasey Odum Harper $180,000

6015 Yorkshire Drive William F. Lamprey and Susan B. Lamprey n/k/a Susan L. Billings to William Jared Billings and Chelsea Welch Billings $165,000

338 Vermillion Drive Cory Wilson and Anais Martinez Wilson to Cory F. Raby $160,000

16 Braiden Manor Kristen Haley Rollins to Joseph Sturkie $138,000

7321 Fontana Drive and Lots 11 and 12 Linda Alford-Black f/k/a Linda A. Erwin and John E. Black to Jeffery L. Shealy, Sr. and Jeffery L. Shealy $137,700

1411 Cedar Terrace Jennifer M. Calhoun n/k/a Jennifer Catoe and Grant O. Catoe to John A. Babson $126,500

924 Kenmore Drive David M. Lovelady and Melissa W. Lovelady to Daniel S. Twitty and Danielle Twitty $123,000

168 Cottage Lake Way Joel Wilson to Adrienne N. Tilley $116,000


2420 Broad River Road Commercial Properties of SC, LLC to Murtada S. Almallah $290,000

245 Chartwell Road Lucy C. Riccardi to Matthew Gray Norris and Olga Yukhno Dickey $130,000

217 Gateway Lane Andrew J. Jaeger to Chanelle M. Johnson $128,500


125 Silver Lake Circle James E. Mercer and Kathleen C. Mercer to Mark D. Nicholson and Susan Marie Nicholson $265,000

17 Thimbleberry Court Silver Lake Investments, LLC to Eric Henriquez $165,900


512 Aiken Hunt Circle Gunther Kannler to Yuliya Rekhtman and Yury Shcherbelis $436,400

420 Cold Branch Drive Gary Ray Brock and Stephanie E. Brock to Jacquelyn B. Brown $282,000

102 Branch Hill Lane Douglas W. Weaver and Lisa A. Weaver to Doris D. Myers $207,500

104 Cold Branch Drive Maggie Hall and Timothy Jacob Hall to Joshua Moore $175,000

113 Mountain Laurel Lane Olin Boyd, Jr. and Adriane L. Boyd f/k/a Adriane L. Hampton to Crystal R. Willis $158,000

7834 Bay Springs Road Akash, LLC to Shawn D. J. Sanders and Sabrina Sanders $155,000

400 Bradford Lane Estate of Vivian H. Burnside to Veronica M. Black $130,000

14 Southwark Circle Siddharth Mithal to Jocelyn C. Jacobs $129,900

224 Parliament Drive Theresa Walker f/k/a Theresa S. Trabue to Shamaria Williams and Cortney Williams, SR. $112,000

1948 Drexel Lake Drive Alonza L. Haynes and Patricia H. Haynes to Joshua Lee Acanfora and Endia Allison Acanfora $110,000

126 Saddlechase Lane Robert O. Lewis to Catherine M. Combier-Donovan $102,000


5 Woodhill Circle Estate of Julian M. Sellers to Sumi Kwon and Brian G. Carney $550,000

108 Avington Lane Jason S. Pennington and Krystal B. Pennington to Adam Young $324,835

204 Lake Carolina Boulevard Brian S. Spencer and Regina Spencer to William Paul Anderson, Jr. and Ashley Anderson $315,000

216 Morning Echo Drive Jonathan E. Chandler and Christina C. Chandler to Craig E. Smith and Martha H. Smith $294,500

118 Nautique Circle W. Douglas Bland and Robin M. Bland to Nathan Foshie and Lauren Foshie $290,000

108 W. Casterton Drive Richard C. Garin and Kelly Marie Garin to Dragos C. Botez and Madalina V. Botez $235,000

10 Wotan Court Stephen W. Lorance and Hannah E. Griffin to Christopher Ziegler and Claire Ziegler $230,000

109 Isles Way Shankara N. Gupta and Shoba Gupta to William E. Spence and Alicia C. Spence $198,900

33 Springsdans Lane Kelvin L. Brown to Jerry R. Benedict, Lee A. Meetze and Tammy B. Meetze $195,500

246 Sepia Court Mose Ross, III and Lashanza E. Ross to Kiana M. Hobbs $195,000

729 Stoneroot Drive Nicholas R. Sotlar and Laura Noris to George K. Bryan, II and Genevieve N. Hammett $194,000

28 Indigo Ridge Court Donald L. Perry, II and Vickie G. Perry to Sheryl Mason $189,500

307 Cornflower Drive Vincent A. Lewis to Mark A. Johnson and Shannon M. Johnson $187,000

117 Mason Ridge Circle Amanda A. Sullivan a/k/a Amanda Woodson to Jessie James Adams $173,500

700 Bonnington Drive Scott C. Dimeler to AzureeCQ Page and Ernest T. Pabe $165,000

208 Bassett Loop Trinity Real Estate Group, LLC to Tomeka L. Harper $157,500

244 Fox Grove Circle Michelle Hasty to Shanita V. Maynard $144,000

Lexington County


226 Mitchell St. from Luther C. Storey to Bruce R. Casilio and Wendi Casilio a/k/a Wendy Casilio $115,000


835 Indigo Avenue from Kimberly S. Christ and Robert J. Christ to Mukeshkumar Patel $205,000

1210 Oakland Avenue from John D. Lybrand a/k/a John D. Lybrand, III to Thomas M. Bosse and Catherine M. Turner $143,500

148 Bonhill Drive from Solomon Eichner to Joshua J. Rosecrans and Jordyn Blair Rosecrans $125,000

1019 Evergreen Avenue from JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association to David Etheredge $110,500

148 Bonhill Drive from Rebecca Eichner to Joshua J. Rosecrans and Jordyn Blair Rosecrans $125,000


503 Timberlake Drive from Timothy D. Rast and Suzanne W. Rast to Robert P. Dunsmore and Kelly A. McHugh $295,000

180 Heimatsweg Road from William P. Bissonette and Athena J. Roumeliotes to Landon R. Burgin $237,000

372 Bent Oak Drive from Thomas R. Keown and Dorothy S. Keowin to Otto H. Prebeck $240,000

511 Connecticut Avenue from Phuong Kim Tran and Thomas QT Hua to Duc Kevin Bui and Ni Thi Thug Dang $172,000

174 Firebridge Drive from Bradley W. Eslinger, II and Julie R. Eslinger to Jacob D. Ring and Kaylin E. Ring $139,000

539 Connecticut Avenue from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to James D. Park and Danielle J. Park $212,184

104 Summit Point Court from John Davis, Jr. and Lou Etta Davis to Bruce O. Helming and Paula P. Helming $402,500

428 Lookover Pointe Drive from Sean M. Hart and Jennifer M. Hart to Faye Matthews $477,250

383 Eagle Point Drive from Robert James Babcock, III and Jennifer Jill Babcock to Rex Residential Property Owner, LLC $153,000

117 Merowey Court from James R. Berg and Diane M. Berg to Kay Frances Coo and Shelley Kay Cook $123,400

1040 Night Harbor Circle from John H. Kuper and Barbara M. Kuper to John T. Kimpston and Patricia S. Kimpston $300,000

208 Walkbridge Way from JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association to David Etheredge $110,500

507 Connecticut Avenue from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Edward Douglas Lewis and Tina M. Lewis $206,000

508 Walt Rauch Road from Glenda Nelson Ridgeway and Michael D. Ridgeway to Douglas Paul Sieverding $465,000

108 Peregrine Court from Roger Dale Longshore, Jr. to BayFron Properties, LLC $123,000

116 Peregrine Court from Brandon Silvey to Rebecca Alyssa Longshore and Roger Dale Longshore, Jr. $159,000


137 Braelin Court from Darnell Ray and Amelia A. Allen-Ray to Tushama Maggie Tirece Jones and Rondale T’le Jones $119,900

453 Lawndale Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Jay Malcolm Boone $149,000


1340 Garden Grove Circle from Richard F. Nickel Trust A f/b/o Barbara Nickel to Loon Lake Properties, LLC $440,000

383 Golden Jubilee Road from Jose Roberto Garcia-Gonzalez to Devyn Snelling and Richard L. Snelling, II $156,000

Martin Smith Road from Patricia Lewandowski, Barbara B. Sweatman and Ronnie E. Bostain to Matek, Inc. $108,420


209 Riverbirch Road from Dorraine G. Teasley to Hieuson Pham Nguyen $140,000

161 Montrose Drive from Dave Bostick and Tamara Bostick to Matthew Benjamin Pooser $269,900

720 Viano Way from NVR, Inc. to Crystal Deas $185,980

162 Madison Park Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Steven Derek Walker and Shellie Clark Walker $265,482

621 Ladybug Lane from JJ&Z Builders, LLC to Ashlee Brown and Brandon Brown $315,000

405 Mana Vista Court from Charles Lee Sansing, Jr. and Carla Marie Sansing to Matthew D. Terwilliger and Kerry Terwilliger $267,500

117 Dupre Mill Court from MTGLQ Investors, L.P. to Corrina Marie Sundstrom $137,000

109 Caughman Road from Spencer Jungclaus and Corey Jungclaus to Robin H. Armstrong and Timothy D. Armstrong $191,000

115-B Library Hill Lane from North American Land & Financial Group, LLC to Martinez Family Trust $118,000

365 Dragonfly Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Robin E. Courtney and Mark A. Courtney $339,000

231 Pawleys Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Melody Jane Charles and Michael D. Charles $345,093

429 Faskin Lane from Stephen F. Mims and Staci C. Mims to Lisa Waller Couture $199,000

101 River Birch Road from Michelle R. Vaughn and Richard A. Redmon to An McChesney and Sharon McChesney $150,000

324 Cherokee Pond Trail from Mohamed E. Sharaby to Lindsay A. Feary $203,500

220 Royal Lythan Circle from Roland Harold Panter and Lisa Goodson Panter to Sterling O. Patterson $279,500

212 Spring Lake Drive from Michael R. Gill Living Trust to Michael Castera and Tiffiny Castera $155,000

220 Dawsons Park Drive from Angela J. Still to Sand Oaks, LLC $104,000

200 Cherokee Pond Court from Sara Margaret Strickland to Jessica Lea Thrift and Michael Garrett Thrift $220,000

225 Powell Drive from Bambi Marie Pantaleon to Steven Dewayne McWhorter and Francis Mabel McWhorter $195,000

321 Oakpointe Lane from Nicolle Boehm f/k/a Nicolle Lohmuller to Rex Residential Property Owner, LLC $117,000

907 Battenkill Court from Lifestone Residential, LLC to Kelli M. Savia $561,519

304 Southberry Way from Christopher B. Nettles to John D. Lybrand, III and Melanie M. Sandor $194,500

125 Fox Chase from MacKenzie L. McCarty and Kasey P. McCarty to Keith S. Richey $204,000

338 Spring Mist Court from Linda T. Perryman to James Davis and Valerie Davis $216,000

122 Saks Avenue from Cynthia W. Carson and Letha W. Edmonds to Wanda Diane Rials $235,000

665 Blue Ledge Circle from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Nicolle Marie Boehm and Michael B. Boehm $241,959

648 Braekel Way from Steven C. Kramer, Susan B. Kramer and Scott Kramer to Matthew W. Spell $164,900

130 Golden Oak Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Charles Lee Sansing, Jr. and Carla Marie Sansing $300,320

135 Torreyglen Drive from Carl Carlos and Aneesah Deen Carlos to Karin Harrington and Charles Harrington, III $185,900

206 Ashley Hills Trail from Cynthia W. Hall to Sheila Redford $289,000

108 Trellis Court from Sandra Marie Durham and Colin C. Durham to Stephen N. Scott and Christine R. Scott $178,000

116 Widgeon Drive from Justin A. Goodwin and Erika L. Goodwin to Patrick M. Stewart and Nicole L. Stewart $215,000

231 Rose Lake Road from Mark D. Campbell and Elizabeth M. Campbell to Samuel D. M. Campbell and Melissa Dani Gaillard Campbell $550,000

306 Coventry Lake Drive from Michael Travis Blayton and Emily Matthews Blayton to Heather Stuart $182,000

117 Trillium Court from Hunter P. Wyer and Melissa J. Mianowski n/k/a Melissa Wyer to Roy Patrick Jeffcoat and Dwayne Robert Williamson $295,500

125 Harmon Creek Court from Susan S. Longshore to Eric D. Longshore $165,000

316 Presque Isle Road from Victor W. Langston and Myra R. Langston to Jeffery Jacques and Nicole Jacques $235,500

132 Morning Shore Court from Bryan K. Springer and Celeste Hiott Springer to Eric S. Bland and Renee C. Bland $1,500,000

131 Grey Oaks Lane from Sylvester Johnson a/k/a Sylvester C. Johnson and Vadale Johnson to Robert C. Rindfuss and Rachel Rindfuss $330,000

100 Creekside Lane from Michael L. Schulz and Jennifer L. Schulz to John Patrick Regalis and Secret S. Regalis $143,000

0 Counts Ferry Road from James Kevin Fitzgibbon to Aaron T. Rawl and Andrea G. Rawl $110,000

120 Cressingham Court from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Michael S. Wingard and Susan M. Wingard $296,010

165 Loyd Court from Roland P. Barfield, Personal Representative to Kirby Arbaugh $160,000

113 Athena Lane from William Charles Butler and Janet Butler to John W. Fry, II and Kyla N. Fry $220,000

291 Roberts St. from Michael Hawkins to Constance Williams Shepard $101,500

670 Pinnacle Way from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Diane Leah Jewell $223,300

108 Colony Court from Ralph T. Cumalander, Jr. and Monica E. Cumalander to Robert L. Buckner $134,000

101 Montelena Drive from Jonathan M. Anderson and Cameron T. Anderson to Maston W. Boyd, IV $271,000

211 Mockingbird Drive from Marion Lee Shepherd to Bryan King $116,000


242 Courtside Drive from Olivia E. Ray to Clarence O. Lowman and Kathleen F. Lowman $114,000

351 Tannery Way from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Miguel Rosello and Melissa M. Harvey n/k/a Melissa M. Rosello $274,544

423 Finch Lane from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Bonnie S. Schlichtig $154,531

509 Long Ridge Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Roland H. J. Panter and Lisa G. Panter $296,122

516 Palmetto Creek Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Richard Paul Timmons, II and Heather Sawyer Liafsha $253,838

104 Coxton Mill Lane from Michael A. Castera and Tiffiny H. Castera to Lawrence Sherman and Kelly Sherman $173,500

611 Dixie River Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Richard J. Gundlach and Patricia A. Gundlach $223,760

807 Winter Flower Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Brandon T. Mack and Zoerocko Mack $178,836

815 Pepper Vine Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Billy Ray Laney and Kandie L. Laney $285,380

121 Darian Drive from Devin Duval to Arthur M. Albritton, Jr. $112,000

1044 Mineral Creek Court from David M. Latimer, III and Jill C. Latimer to James B. Aiello and Terrence A. Letnes-Aiello $175,500

492 Finch Lane from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Kaitlyn Elizabeth Bailey and Mason Allan Bailey $174,338

206 Farm Chase Drive from Federal National Mortgage Association a/k/a Fannie Mae to Brian Milhous $144,900

105 Quigley Court from John Ausmus to Tanya M. Shipley $175,000

373 Heartwood Drive from John M. Broughton to Amy T. Comeau and Joseph N.A. Comeau, Jr. $169,000

1659 S. Lake Drive from Stacey L. Toole and Judy A. Toole to Ben-In Properties, LLC $325,000

109 Cantigny Court from Christopher J. Morgan to Justin C. Newton $130,000

224 Silverbell Lane from Jeffrey M. McCaskill and Monica A. McCaskill to Ralph T. Cumalander. Jr. and Monica E. Cumalander $208,000

140 Dutch Court from Nicholas Pitcher and Diana Pitcher to Cory Devin Reed $162,500


54.75 net acres on Highway 378 from Nichols Investment Trust to Lexington County School District One $985,500


415 N. Lawrence Avenue from Thomas Pittman and Mary Pittman to Lindsey Noland Sturkie, Jr. and Kuniko Sturkie $127,000


1619 B St. from Henry Griffin, IV to HVL97-CAE-2017-01 Merlin, LLC 10-17 $123,408

527 Beverly Drive from Joshua A. Arrington to Vincent Buttrick and Samantha Schmidt $245,000

143 Agape Village Court from G & M Holding Company, Inc. to Laura Alberta Sullivan $115,500

221 Congaree Park Drive from Ashley Lynn Ethridge n/k/a Ashley Faust to Ione H. Cockrell $185,000

1205 D Avenue from Kathy Gunter and Kay Mull Beard to Anchor Café, LLC $120,000

1793 D Avenue from Brittney E. Norton and William J. Wilson to Kathi D. Norris $175,000


221 Stonewood Court from Lucius Jumper to Lee Brazell Douglas $119,500

163 Bradford Hill Drive from Jillian Amy King f/k/a Jillian Amy Doan a/k/a Jillian A. Doan to Richard S. Floyd, III and Carmen E. Gates $139,900

4137 Delree St. from Juan Bazan and Ernestina Daniel Villa to Kennieth Erskine Whiteside $111,000

251 Howitzer Circle from Roger Couch and Carolyn Couch to Rhonda Sturkie $175,000

502 Matilda Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Lindsay M. Snead $182,000

155 Turnfield Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Tony W. Hamulton, II and Austin Michelle Hamulton $203,914

103 Quail Field Road from Jeffrey A. Demarais and Janet M. Demarais to Richard Hancock $165,000

163 Derby Drive from Zhihuan Gao and Huijun Yang to Christopher A. Murray and Amy L. Murray $138,880

3152 Buckeye Drive from Toni Darlington to William G. Frierson $100,000

143 Bradford Hill Drive from Rene Palacios and Dina Palacios to Tyler J. Pritchard and Skylar V. Pritchard $140,000

220 Marvin Court from Brian J. Owen and Jennifer L. Lounsbury n/k/a Jennifer L. Owen to Marissa Pace Bartmess and Caleb Josiah Bartmess $120,000

310 Hunters Mill Drive from Ahren A. Fleck to Bryan Joshua Barnes $135,000

250 Kitti Wake Drive from Anthony G. Mumblow to Thomas Shumpert and Mary Beth Shumpert $295,000

146 Turnfield Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Lee H. Davis and Michelle Lynn Whitman $186,247

3920 Platt Springs Road from C. Daryl Smith to Gary A. Bouknight $129,500

108 San Gabriel Court from Wincey P. Busch to Erica Andrea Valencia Ceballos and Jorge Andres Sanchez Parra $102,000

109 Berry Drive from William M. Culbreth to Joshua DeGroat $142,000

4045 Platt Springs Road from Shannon Essick-Boone to Richard Lee $144,450

183 Turnfield Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Tekoare Shennard Morris and Chikee Shneek Morris $223,000

447 Dickson Hill Circle from Jessica B. Marze and Jennifer Marze to Richard Scott Compton $276,000

4951 Platt Springs Road from William Randolph Spires and Karen Terry Spires to Samuel S. Senich and Gail M. Plath $252,000

147 Saint George Road from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Brian O'Neil Jones and Courtney Jahari Jackson-Jones $175,271

320 Wesleyan Way from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Bayrone S.E. Billups, Jr. and Arielle A. Billups $153,670


112 Indigo Place Court from Diane Patricia Van Heest to Shelley L. Ivester $110,000

209 Bramblewood Circle from John W. Valdario, Gary F. Valdario and Elizabeth J. Bilsbury to Ferdinand K. Koenig and Merita J. Koenig $200,000

355 Creighton Drive from Donna T. Morris n/k/a Donna Johnson to Bethany Erin Cook $110,000


3506 Bronte Road from Julio Guerrero Abreu and Iris Rivas Portillo a/k/a Iris Rivas Porpillo to Daisy Baines and Yolanda Roberts $140,000

504 Shadowbrook Drive from Robert H. Rosebrock and Carol R. Rosebrock to Joseph B. Foley and Elizabeth O. Foley $197,500

101 Royal Woods Road from Trenten A. Prioleau to Larry L. Lockhart and Annette A. Lockhart $245,000

506 Pittsdowne Road from Gary W. Vitaris and Susan G. Vitaris to Catherine Carter Scott $166,500

3613 Harrogate Road from Daniel R. Wigant to Linda C. Hooley $128,500

242 Ambling Circle from James H. Bowling, Jr. to Caleb Anthony Capps $125,000


125 Brent Ford Road from Cassandra Helsley Paschal Revocable Trust to Jan L. Binnicker $155,000

512 Guild Hall Drive from Charles R. Heyward and Linda Heyward to Geovanny Morales Mundo and Angela Morales $170,000

155 Hunters Blind Drive from Carrie L. Woodworth and Stephen L. Woodworth to Daniel A. Conley $188,500

312 Guild Hall Drive from Estate of Elizabeth Ann Werner and James L. Werner to Danilyn Helga Bock $154,900

505 Thornewood Court from William Trexler and Glenda Trexler to Michael A. Clement and Jessica Clement $199,900

431 Sheltron Drive from Margaret M. Knight, Sean M. Knight and Elizabeth Opiela to Sai Ko and Ah Yun $128,000

112 Garmony Circle from Estate of Peggy J. Johnston to Sonya Marie Benson $141,000

7554 Irmo Drive from Furman R. Younginer Revocable Trust to Miriam Younginer Lovett $187,200

310 Longbow Court from Larry M. McKenzie to Brandon Harris Bantt and Beatriz Gantt $243,000

Kershaw County


2492 Harbor View Road Larry W. Gibbes and Inis M. Gibbes to Larry T. Dowd, Jr. and Tammy J. Dowd $288,000

2006 N. Brailsford Road Marc A. Singler, Joan Hanagan Sindler, Michael L. Sindler and Robert B. Sindler to Brett W. Lynch $209,900

75 Genesis Lane William Patrick Sparks and Rebecca McBride Sparks to Rodney A. Scott and Miranda F. Scott $208,900

54 Edinburgh Castle Lane Tracy Jerome Harris and Olivia Harris to Dustin Troyer and Melissa Troyer $202,000

126 Colony Drive Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Thomas Vaita Utu $175,198

27 Chillingham Circle Shannon Christine Wadford to Spencer Owen Manning and Lysa Rebecca Manning $165,000

2217 Elkridge Drive John McKethan Stephenson and Ellen B. Stephenson to Anthony Ratola and Carolyn A. Ratola $153,500


2560 Watson St. Brandon Goff to GS Walnut Creek, LLC $536,400

101 Lillifield Drive Jeffrey M. Nedrow and Janice M. Hanson to Beau T. Parker and Jennifer L. Parker $329,900

698 Tillman Circle Kevin W. Johnson and Vicki T. Johnson to David E. Waddell $235,000

417 Eskie Dixon Road Eugene Hudson to Joseph P. Lauderman and Courtney J. Zinn $217,500

30 Abbey Road Jeffrey W. Parish and Whitney N. Parish to Rechel Lynn $198,000

26 Strawberry Field Lane 29045 Kristen A. Fuller n/k/a Kristen F. Kuhn to John Thomas Castles and Stefanie L. Castles $155,000

88 Driftwood Avenue C and C Builders of Columbia, Inc. to Sherry J. Stein $135,866


2430 McWhirter Lane Jerry A. Pressley, Trustee and Robbie C. Pressley, Trustee to Brian Grainger $270,000


65 Riesling Court Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Charles L. Gibson and Amparo M. Gibson $210,799

34 Mauser Drive Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Eric A. Renzullo and Christina Rector-Renzullo $197,900

1629 Baldwin Road Members of Hall Homes, LLC to Glenn Hall, Sr. and Donna R. Ray $175,000

1111 Pepper Ridge Drive Pamela M. Bowers n/k/a Pamela M. Cubbler to Samantha Leitner and Chase Leitner $170,000

39 Paces Run Fannie Mae a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association to Alexandria W. Schaffer $167,500

27 Alamo Ridge Road Frances D. Fleming to Ashley Siedel $157,500

1133 Bayview Drive Donald L. Levister and Elizabeth H. Levister to Emily Hinson $130,299

25 Mockingbird Road Donald G. Hicks to Ellis F. McGhee, III and Amanda L. McGhee $130,000

Top Five Richland County

116 Signal Lane 29063 from Mark A. Quindlen Revocable Trust to Hind H. Kasir and David L. Kasir $1,040,000

5027 Wittering Drive 29208 from John F. Beach and Jane N. Beach to William C. Ligon and Tiffany W. Ligon $818,500

1001 Washington St. 29201 from Leslie H. McIver and 1527 Blanding Street Partners to House of Art, LLC $779,000

35 Veranda Lane 29016 from Charles W. Kegley, Jr. and Debra J. Kegley to Bruce D. Norris and Luz Sophia Colon Escobar $607,700

853 Burwell Lane 29205 from Blythe Building Company, LLC to Daniel Shannon Stephens $600,000

Top Five Lexington County

132 Morning Shore Court 29072 from Bryan K. Springer and Celeste Hiott Springer to Eric S. Bland and Renee C. Bland $1,500,000

54.75 net acres on Highway 378 29123 from Nichols Investment Trust to Lexington County School District One $985,500

907 Battenkill Court 29072 from Lifestone Residential, LLC to Kelli M. Savia $561,519

231 Rose Lake Road 29072 from Mark D. Campbell and Elizabeth M. Campbell to Samuel D. M. Campbell and Melissa Dani Gaillard Campbell $550,000

428 Lookover Pointe Drive 29036 from Sean M. Hart and Jennifer M. Hart to Faye Matthews $477,250

Top Five Kershaw County

2560 Watson St. 29045 from Brandon Goff to GS Walnut Creek, LLC $536,400

101 Lillifield Drive 29045 from Jeffrey M. Nedrow and Janice M. Hanson to Beau T. Parker and Jennifer L. Parker $329,900

2105 B Richardson Road 29020 from Bart P. Mahoney to Cynthia V. Lancaster and Kenneth M. Lancaster, Jr. $295,000

2492 Harbor View Road 29020 from Larry W. Gibbes and Inis M. Gibbes to Larry T. Dowd, Jr. and Tammy J. Dowd $288,000

2430 McWhirter Lane 29074 from Jerry A. Pressley, Trustee and Robbie C. Pressley, Trustee to Brian Grainger $270,000