Building near Devine damaged, vacant since 2015 flood to be razed. Here’s what goes in

Columbia residents have driven by the green and yellow Title Loans building near Devine Street and seen a reminder of the destructive and deadly 2015 flood. Now, the building and land is set to be cleaned up.

The City of Columbia received a FEMA grant to purchase afflicted homes and the vacant business, according to a statement from the Columbia Police Department.

The statement said getting the grant came after an “extensive information gathering and a lengthy application process...”

After demolition, the land will become a green space “in perpetuity” in accordance with conditions for receiving the grant, the police department said.

The demolition will take place on March 18.

Another property that housed a loan business across Devine street still remains blighted from the 2015 flood.

David Travis Bland won the South Carolina Press Association’s 2017 Judson Chapman Award for community journalism. As The State’s crime, police and public safety reporter, he strives to inform communities about crimes that affect them and give deeper insight into victims, the accused and law enforcement. He studied history with a focus on the American South at the University of South Carolina.