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With all of these new gyms, which one is right for you? Let us help you decide

With new gyms brands popping up across the Midlands each month over the last couple of years, selecting which one is right for you can be a daunting task. That's why The State is providing a breakdown of the area's six most popular new gym chains and what each is known for so that you can make an informed decision while you attempt to keep those New Year's resolutions on track (at least for the month of January).

*Please note: There are plenty of locally owned gyms in the area that are well worth investigating. The following list is a breakdown of the new gym brands and styles that have been introduced or are increasing their footprint in the Midlands within the past year.


3000 Rosewood Drive and 2900 Dreher Shoals Rd.

Barre 3’s mantra is that the gym doesn’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all approach to exercise.” Using only low-impact movements, Barre3 is designed to increase core strength without the use of dumbbells or high-tech fitness equipment. The three-step basic routine was developed by doctors, physical therapists and anatomy specialists, according to the company. That routine includes HOLD (aligning the body), MOVE SMALL (working deep in the muscle and building strength) and MOVE BIG (build functional strength for everyday activities through muscle toning).


275 Harbison Blvd.

If the idea of group fitness makes your skin crawl, Crunch may not be the place for you. Crunch’s main focus are group fitness and training programs created specifically for the gym which started as a small gym in a basement studio in New York City’s East Village in 1989. The chain’s mantra is “no judgments” and claims to welcome and serve a diverse group of people. Fitness classes such as the chisel, cardio tai box and overdrive fuse fitness and entertainment to make exercise fun. And maybe a little group motivation isn’t so bad after all!

MÜV Fitness

800 Columbiana Drive, 4114 Forest Drive, 450 Killian Rd., 619 North Lake Drive, 226 Forum Drive

All of the area’s Gold Gym’s made the switch to MÜV Fitness a couple of years ago. MÜV’s program starts with an “InBody Biometric Analysis System” to determine specific individual fitness and weight loss goals for each member. After that, a tailored plan can include individual workouts on the gym’s fitness equipment, group classes in Zumba, Pilates, spin or aquatics and even professional one-on-one personal training. The MÜV It & Lose It program offers members a 90-day challenge with accountability and teamwork.


4708 Forest Drive; 10296 Two Notch Rd.; 5230 Sunset Blvd. (Lexington)

No it’s not a juice bar or a Clemson Tigers sporting goods gift shop. Orangetheory is a one-hour, full-body workout focused on training endurance, strength and/or power. The fitness center uses a five zone heart rate-based interval training which it claims burns more calories post workout than a traditional exercise. During a workout--led by Orangetheory fitness coaches, members focus on Zones 3, 4 and 5. The workouts are designed to produce 12 minutes or more in zones four and five combined during the treadmill training portion of the workout. The company claims the workout not only results in extra energy but in extra calories burnt for 36 hours post-workout.

Planet Fitness

421 Bush River Rd., 833 State St., 7531 B Garners Ferry Rd., 9714 Two Notch Rd., 5140 Sunset Blvd.

Like MÜV Fitness, Planet Fitness is what most people think of as a more traditional “gym” than some of the other new fitness center styles entering the market. It is also the largest fitness center chain with over 1,400 locations. The gym’s popular “Judgement-free zone” was created to make everyone from a first-time gym member to a lifelong fitness finatic feel comfortable. And many are open 24 hours a day so if finding the time to get in a workout is a problem, it isn’t any more.

9 Round

5424 Forest Drive, 285 Columbiana Drive, 4611 Hardscrabble Rd., 650 Lincoln St., 10739 Broad River Rd., 5343 Sunset Blvd.

9Round is a specialized fitness center that offers a kickboxing-themed fitness program that incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit-training regimens. 9Round features, you guessed it, nine rounds of a workout regimen. Rounds one and two focus on strength with weight-lifting; kickboxing fitness with stations three through eight; and an abs and core station fill the ninth round.