West Columbia Indoor yard sale is ‘one-stop shop’

Three sisters selling old clothes at a yard sale Saturday morning said their biggest problem was swapping things with each other.

Everlene Williams, Jessie Singletary and Viola McClerklin made a couple of trips back to their cars to take treasures from each other before other shoppers could buy them.

Still, they had a large pile of goods set up at the Bargain Basement at Brookland Baptist Church’s Health and Wellness Center in West Columbia.

“It’s a one-stop shop,” said Monique Flowers, a marketing executive at the church. She said the indoor yard sale allows people to find things at a good cost without going to just one person’s home.

Flowers said the goal is for the Bargain Basement to occur about every other month.

Linda Harris, a Northeast Richland resident, bought a fur vest Saturday for her 16-year-old daughter.

“She may let me borrow it,” Harris said.

Kesha Gillens cleaned out her closet before bringing items to sell Saturday.

Some of the items she was selling were still brand new.

“I bought things with great intentions,” she said, referencing some Christmas tree skirts she had planned to monogram for her friends.

But while she was selling them and other holiday items, she decided she would set some new shopping rules for herself.

If she buys a new pair of shoes, for example, an old pair has to go.

Perhaps she’ll get rid of them at the next Bargain Basement.