Historic Columbia: Melrose Heights, May 26

While there are many cottages nestled within the historic Melrose Heights neighborhood, few utilize stone to the degree as this one and one-half story craftsman-style structure located on Fairview Drive.

A distinctive home situated among many architecturally significant buildings, this circa-1930 property was built to stand the test of time. In keeping with the Craftsman style, which celebrated the beauty of building materials and systems, this symmetrical cottage features exposed rafter tails and brackets, like many other homes throughout the architectural conservation district.

The building’s stone chimney appears more rustic than the smoother, gray and brown colored stone used in the structure’s walls. Shingles laid in a diamond pattern covered the structure’s side clipped gable, or jerkin head style, roof.

A curious design features is the presence of shed roof projections that flank the steeply pitched cross-gable porch that is embellished by a handsome stone arch. In keeping with prevailing trends at the time of its construction, the home’s original windows most likely were of a multi-paned variety.

T. Gordon McLeod/John M. Sherrer