For Pets Inc., it's raining cats

Pets Inc., the no-kill animal shelter in West Columbia, is overwhelmed with cats.

Someone left carriers stuffed full of cats outside the shelter's front door overnight, said Pat McQueen, one of the shelter's founders. Workers found the carriers Thursday morning and were pulling cats out as fast as they could.

They were at 17 cats and counting Thursday morning, McQueen said. McQueen said she's never seen anything like it in the shelter's 18 years.

But the shelter has a problem: Its "cat room" is full.

"I pledged never to send an animal to the pound," where it might be put to sleep, McQueen said. "But we're filled up."

The shelter is scrambling to find foster homes as fast as possible, McQueen said. But she's unsure how many people she can round up when the need is so great.

If anyone wants to adopt a cat or temporarily shelter a cat, McQueen asks that they call (803) 739-9333.