S.C. voices from the front

"It's a lot busier than when I did this job in Iraq. There, I had time to watch a movie or, when I wanted, take a two-hour break and go to the gym. Here, there's a lot more going on. It's business all the time."

- Tech Sgt. Kevin Williams of Shaw Air Force Base, public affairs, Bagram Airfield Joint Operations Center

"This is a great place to do my ministry. I do counseling and visit with other airmen. That's the bulk of my work."

- Capt. Steve Survance of Shaw Air Force Base, a chaplain

"It's a good feeling when we get a patient off the plane and are able to help them, knowing that they'll be getting good medical care. For some, all they want to do is sleep. Others, they say it's nice to have a shower. A Marine this morning was just happy to get a damp wash cloth."

- Tech Sgt. Wendell Wigfall of Johnston, a Bagram hospital staffer

"It's something that I'm glad to experience, but I don't want to experience it again. But Bagram is a lot better than I expected it to be. The living quarters are good and so's the work atmosphere."

- Sr. Airman Anastasia Swinton, Charleston, medical administrative clerk

"Every deployment is different and each airdrop is a whole other ball of wax. It never gets boring."

- Tech Sgt. Jeff Witherly of Bluffton, a C-17 loadmaster from Charleston Air Force Base

"Here, I have a greater sense of accomplishment. I know where (the ammunition is) going and what will happen to it."

- Airman 1st Class Mazique Shea of Columbia, an ammunition handler for Pavehawk helicopters

"I know the Army's going downrange, and it's a great feeling knowing we protect those guys."

- Staff Sgt. Floyd Jeter of Union, a weapons loader for F-15 fighters

"I know we're doing something to support our troops. We do everything from delivering them the mail to flying passengers downrange."

- Tech Sgt. Johnnie Macklin of Columbia, who works in Bagram's aerial port squadron

"I'm able to serve with just an amazing group of defenders. They're fantastic."

- Lt. Col. James Lowe of Shaw Air Force Base, Bagram security forces commander

- Compiled by Chuck Crumbo