Flu shots at school

- Don't be alarmed if your child doesn't bring home a packet immediately. Only two schools will get shots each day in most districts, and the information/permission packets for all schools in a district won't all be sent home on the same day, allowing districts to spread out the paperwork.

- Everyone should fill out a permission form. The middle portion of the form has two easy-to-understand choices for those who WANT a shot and those who DO NOT WANT a shot. Nobody will be vaccinated without a parental signature under the "WANT" side.

- The information sheet pulls no punches, giving nearly as much information on the rare negatives of flu vaccines as the positives.

- Elementary schools will be first to get shots because children 9 and younger need to get two shots at least 21 days apart. Older children need only one shot.

- The vaccines are for students, not for other family members. In Lexington 1, shots also will be offered to pregnant staff members, staff members who deal with student medical issues and staff members with underlying medical issues that put them most at risk of severe reactions to flu.

- In Lexington 1, only shots will be offered in the schools. Parents who want their children to get the nasal mist vaccine will have to go to private providers or county health clinics.

- In Lexington 1, parents of young children will be allowed to accompany them into the vaccine clinics. Students who throw a fit - technically "are unwilling to be vaccinated" - will not be vaccinated.