School fundraiser flap results in arrest

LAKE WYLIE - An irate grocery shopper assaulted a Clover mother and 7-year-old daughter after they tried twice to sell her school fundraising items she didn't want, police say.

Officers charged 49-year-old Julie Pinkston Watson, also of Clover, with two counts of assault and battery outside a grocery store on S.C. 274 in Lake Wylie, according to a report from the York County Sheriff's Office.

Watson slapped the mother, who was selling items Monday outside the store's entryway, then shoved a shopping cart into the daughter's side, police reported.

Surveillance video footage shows Watson swung at the mother with closed fists and that the mother tried to defend herself, starting a fight in the parking lot.

Watkins told police she was asked to purchase the items when she entered the store and she was asked again when coming out. In a "loud, firm manner," she told the group "no," she said in the report.

The mother told police she approached Watkins because the woman was "very rude" to her daughter, and she believed Watkins shoved her child in passing. She admitted to defending herself when Watkins slapped her and she wasn't charged in the incident, the report said.

Watkins was released Tuesday morning on $940 bond.