Fundraiser to benefit son of car crash victim

A fundraiser will be held to benefit Mikey Pound, the 3-year-old child who survived the Gaston-area car crash earlier this month in which his mother was killed.

The event will be held Nov. 7 at Southwings Sports Bar at 1573 S. Lake Drive near Lexington.

Mikey is being cared for by his father, Michael Pound, long-time fiance of Barbara "Barbie" Morton, 29, who died in the Oct. 20 crash.

The fundraiser will begin at 5 p.m. and is scheduled to go past 10 p.m. Five musical bands and performers are playing, including Mark Taylor Jr., Johnny Denton, Chick Flix, Into The Depths and Face Down.

Michael Pound is a drummer in the band Face Down, which will play last. It will begin its performance sometime after 9 p.m.

Donations will be collected at the benefit, but people wishing to contribute may also send a check to:

The Barbara "Barbie" Morton Memorial Fund c/o Mikey Pound, First Community Bank, 4404 Forest Drive, Columbia, S.C. 29206, Attention: Wilma Jordan, customer service.

People may also make contributions at other First Community Bank branches.