Cayce tightens reins on travel

Members of Cayce City Council will no longer be able to file for expense reimbursals for trips around town and must get council's approval for out-of-state travel.

Council adopted new rules Tuesday after months of internal arguing about reimbursals to Mayor Elise Partin. The new rules passed unanimously.

Travel or overnight stays in motels will be at the council member's expense unless they travel farther than a 15-mile radius from City Hall.

Expenses for Internet access from members' homes no longer will be reimbursed and telephone calls must have documentation before they will be reimbursed, according to the new rules.

Partin's critics on council, Councilmen Steve Isom and Rick Myers, complained she was receiving money for expenses they said were questionable.

But an analysis by The State newspaper found Partin received $2,000, about half the money of her predecessor, during similar 10-month periods.

- Clif LeBlanc