Reaction sought on plans to base F-35 jets in S.C.

The Air Force will seek public comments on plans to base the new F-35 fighter at two S.C. bases at meetings scheduled for early February.

Both Shaw Air Force Base at Sumter and McEntire Joint National Base near Eastover are on the Air Force's list of 11 bases where the service's newest single-engine, all-weather and all-purpose fighter could be assigned.

The F-35 will replace F-16 fighters presently based at Shaw and McEntire.

Called public scoping meetings, the sessions are planned for Feb. 1-4 in Sumter, Eastover and Kingstree, the Air Force said Wednesday. Dates and locations of the meetings will be announced later.

The Air Force said it's seeking public comment for an environmental impact analysis before a final decision on the jets' basing is made. The study will include issues relating to land use, air space and safety, air and water quality, noise, socio-economics and biological and cultural resources.

Air Force officials also will be on hand to answer questions and accept comments.

Comments also can be submitted by March 1 to:


129 Andrews St., Suite 337

Langley AFB, VA 23665-2769

Attn: Sheryl Parker