Recap: Jenny Sanford on tour

Soon-to-be-former first lady Jenny Sanford said she didn't like the job of being first lady, but there were perks to living at the Governor's Mansion.

Among the perks? Prison inmates who washed her two dogs.

Those are some of the highlights of Sanford's wall-to-wall TV appearances Monday and Tuesday, including ABC's "Good Morning America" and "The View," CNN's "Larry King Live," NPR and Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

Sanford is promoting her new memoir, "Staying True," which chronicles her 20-year marriage to Gov. Mark Sanford and includes unflattering portrayals of the two-term Republican governor as a cheap, self-centered man, driven by a fear of dying prematurely.

The book tour will bring Jenny Sanford to the Forest Drive Barnes and Noble bookstore at 7 p.m. Friday for her only Midlands book signing.

It is unclear what Mark Sanford thinks of all the hoopla.

Tuesday, he ignored a reporter's request to comment on his wife's recent media interviews.

For the most part, Jenny Sanford has held her own in the interviews, including one with the ladies of "The View."

Last week, Whoopi Goldberg of "The View" called Jenny Sanford dumb for marrying Mark Sanford after he refused to include the fidelity vow in their 1989 wedding.

Goldberg didn't challenge the first lady on Monday's show. Instead, she allowed Jenny Sanford to explain that Mark Sanford agreed to be faithful despite leaving the vow out.

Jenny Sanford also raised red flags on ABC Monday, saying she did not recall contacting a handful of lawmakers shortly after her husband returned from Argentina, in hopes of saving his political career.

"I don't recall calling anybody," Jenny Sanford told ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

Shortly after the story broke last summer, a handful of legislators told The State and other media outlets the first lady did contact them.

Jenny Sanford's publicist didn't immediately return calls Tuesday to say how well "Staying True" is selling.

Online bookseller Amazon.com lists it in their 20th spot.

JENNY ON . . .

"The View" - The first lady got cozy with the women of "The View," who gave her a friendly venue to talk about her cheating spouse and those steamy e-mails between Mark Sanford and his lover. Most of the conversation centered around how she and her four boys are getting along now that the first couple has split. Jenny Sanford said the governor is spending more time with the boys now than he has in years.

"Larry King Live" - In her longest interview of the day, Jenny Sanford talked about not liking the job as first lady and the fact she's not a Southerner. But she also talked about relishing the opportunity to draw attention to causes she supports through her stint as first lady. Jenny Sanford talked about her future, dismissing talk she's running for office.

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" - The first lady held her own with America's premiere faux news anchor, playing along with the wisecracking Stewart. Drew a laugh when she said of her husband, "There is nobody cheaper than this guy."

Jenny Sanford on . . .

Sanford segment is at approximately the 17:00 mark