Palin book signing brings out the faithful

About 600 people lined up at a Northeast Richland bookstore this evening waiting to get some face time with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

The latest leg of Palin’s national book tour drew fans from neighboring states and Midlands admirers who stood in long lines over two days for the opportunity to have Palin sign their books.

That number included Frank Peloquin of West Columbia, who camped out Tuesday night to get one of 500 wristbands issued for the event.

“She comes across as such a normal person with a lot of common sense,” said Peloquin. “I like outsiders like her who can go in and raise a little hell.”

Peloquin and other Palin fans hope her visit to South Carolina is an indication of her desire to run for president in 2012. Palin is among a long list of Republicans thought to be positioning themselves for a chance to take on President Obama.

Philip Stanley hopes Palin becomes a candidate. The retired dentist drove three hours from Asheville even though he did not have a wristband. He stood outside with a handmade sign that said “Run, Sarah, Run.”

“She is Ronald Reagan in a skirt,” said Stanley. “Government is not our friend. Government is the problem. Let us keep the money in our pockets and we will make America great again.”