Retailer discounts Tebow Fireflies T-shirts

Oh, Tim Tebow. We hardly knew ye — or wear your Columbia Fireflies merchandise.

It’s been a little over a week since the former outfielder of the Fireflies was promoted to the New York Mets' high Class A affiliate in St. Lucie, Fla. To officially end his run in Columbia, Fireflies T-shirts bearing his name are already being marked down.

If you’re an interested fan who wishes to commemorate Tebow’s time in the Famously Hot city, then you should probably hit the stores to see how far prices are being slashed on merchandise with his name. In the case of the Sam’s Club off Forest Drive, the price of Tebow T-shirts got slashed by 50 percent.

Now you just have decide if you’d rather get that discounted T-shirt or a commemorative bottle of dirt to remember Tebow by. That’s right. Dirt.

Cynthia Roldán: @CynthiaRoldan