SC Twitter user posts Bahamas video claiming it was Myrtle Beach. It didn’t go well.

A Twitter user from Conway was at the receiving end of the internet’s wrath after posting a video clip depicting what was allegedly ocean water from Myrtle Beach.

The Twitter user, @23Mullikin, posted on June 27 a clip of a clear bottle with clear water being poured into the ocean. The caption read “Myrtle Beach, SC” with a heart eyes emoji.

Some people called out the user, stating that it’s a video from the Bahamas posted on Youtube in 2016 captioned, “magic water from the Bahamas.”

But @23Mullikin told that user that it was Myrtle Beach. @23Mullikin would later clarify that it was all a joke and seemed frustrated by people who were taking the post seriously.

Naturally, others joined in on the joke.

This user “fixed” it.

This user recreated it with a plastic bottle.

In the end, @23Mullikin became Twitterfamous for the post when Buzzfeed picked it up as a story. And we all had a good laugh while being jealous that we don’t live by the water like @23Mullikin does. Even if it’s not Bahamian water.