Cops responded to a complaint about a giant slip-and-slide. Then the party got lit

A neighbor who complained about a giant slip-and-slide blocking the road in Asheville did not get the response from police that was likely expected.

Asheville Police officers were dispatched to a street complaint on Monday when they showed and found the slip-n-slide. One of the local dads had built the slide for the neighborhood kids to enjoy during the annual block party, CNN reported.

Instead of shutting down the party, the officers joined in.

When it's hot...and your responding to a street complaint...and there's a fun way to cool down...you take advantage of a...

Posted by Asheville Police Department on Monday, July 3, 2017

Officer Carrie Lee said during an interview they looked at the slide and “determined that it wasn’t really an issue.”

“I’m not here to come break up your fun,” said Lee, once they determined that no laws were being broken. It was her idea to join in the fun.

Lee slid down the slide in a garbage bag, while Officer Joe Jones got in a raft. Together, they glided into the nation’s hearts.

The Asheville Police Department said in a post that the officers were simply taking advantage of a fun way to cool down on a hot day.

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