What happens to 4,000 pounds of leftovers after SC food festival ends?

A tasting table at the Charleston Wine + Food festival.
A tasting table at the Charleston Wine + Food festival. FILE

The Charleston Wine + Food festival happened over the March 1 weekend. In the aftermath of the clean-up, after all of the dishes were cleared and the tents taken down, about 4,000 pounds of food were left behind — including a 700-pound bluefin tuna, according to a story from the Charleston City Paper.

Not to worry, nothing went to waste. A Charleston area homeless shelter, One80 Place, was able to pick up and put the leftovers to use feeding people and stocking the pantry in the organization’s culinary program.

Angie Dupree, One80 Place’s Director of Operations, told the Charleston City Paper that the group salvaged about 1,000 pounds of meat from the Culinary Village, where chefs set up under the tents and prepared sample-sized dishes Friday through Sunday. One80 Place also picked up about 500 to 600 pounds of condiments, clams and mussels, and fresh produce, which the students, made up of shelter residents, will work with in the program’s culinary kitchen.

As for the tuna, it was broken down and made into tuna salad, seared tuna steaks, and tuna casserole. Some of it will be frozen for later use. One80 Place serves 500 meals daily for the homeless in the Charleston area.