Two months after abduction, SC boy still missing

Yenny Ponce spent her first Mother’s Day apart from her oldest child on Sunday.

The 9-year-old Bluffton boy, Christopher King-Ponce, has been missing since February 27, when his step-father lost custody in court, picked him up from his Tennessee school and disappeared with him, according to law enforcement.

Ponce, who was pregnant when Christopher went missing, has since given birth to her second child, her lawyer, Pamela Blackshire, said Friday. Ponce was not available for comment last week, Blackshire said.

Authorities are continuing to search for her son and ex-husband, 56-year-old William Stanley King, who is wanted by the Clarksville Police Department in Tennessee and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations on a charge of especially aggravated kidnapping.

On April 4, King, who also uses the name William Allen Borck, took to Twitter to reiterate a claim he made in February that Christopher was facing abuse in Ponce’s home. In the tweet, he linked to a GoFundMe.com campaign that is no longer active.

The S.C. Attorney General’s Office and Bluffton Police Department investigated those claims of abuse, but ruled them unfounded on Feb. 27, the same day a Tennessee court threw out the emergency order that had granted King temporary custody.

Ponce has said she believes King took Christopher to hurt her. A few months earlier, he threatened her in an email after she canceled a Social Security check that was meant to support her son, but which had been sent to King for years while the couple lived apart, she and Blackshire said.

Additional information was not available from police on Friday.

King had briefly gained custody of Christopher in February, but lost it the morning he took the boy. Authorities believed he may be headed for Mexico and traveling in a 1986 red Toyota 4Runner with a disabled Tennessee license plate numbered DD1841.

Christopher was a third-grader at Pritchardville Elementary School until King moved him to Tennessee on Jan. 23.

Anyone with information should contact the Clarksville police at 931-648-0656 or the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-FIND.