Two dead, more injured after plane torn apart in SC crash, police say

Two people died and more were injured after a plane crashed at a South Carolina airport Thursday, according to police.

The plane was torn apart after crashing through a fence at the end of a runway at Greenville Downtown Airport and spilling on to a nearby road, according to the Greenville Police Department.

Police said the plane “went off the runway around 1:39 p.m.” foxcarolina.com reported.

There were four people on board the plane, two crew members and two passengers per foxcarolina.com, which said the Greenville County Coroner’s office has confirmed two people died after responding to the scene of the crash.

Greenville City Fire spokesperson Tristan Johnson said the pilot and the co-pilot died, and the two people injured are a married couple who are “in critical condition,” according to WSPA.

Deputy Coroner Jeff Fowler said one crew member “died at the scene of the crash and the other died at the hospital,” per WYFF-4. They were only identified as men by the coroner’s office, a video shows.

Stephen George Fox was identified as one of the men killed in the crash, according to the Greenville County Coroner’s office. The 66-year-old Florida resident was the co-pilot, the 49-year-old pilot has not been identified by the coroner because the next of kin is yet to be notified.

Airport Director Joe Frasher said the plane had a normal landing, but went off the runway, “down about a 200-foot safety area,” and through the fence, the police reported.

The wreck has been leaking fuel which could “contaminate nearby streams,” according to the Greenville News.

“This is jet fuel that has leaked into the watershed,” Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller said in a video, warning residents to avoid the area and calling it a Hazmat situation.

In addition to police, Greenville County Fire Department and EMS are responding to the crash, the police reported on Facebook.

The plane is a “Falcon 50 that seats between nine to 19 passengers,” according to the Greenville News, which reported that three people were pulled from the wreckage, while “one is still being extracted.”

The plane is registered to Global Aircraft Acquisitions LLC in Delaware, according to the FAA, which is en route to Greenville from Columbia, Frasher said.

A crash of this magnitude was an unusual incident at the airport, according to Frasher.

In 20 years, we might have had three or four minor incidents,” Frasher said, a video shows. “This is probably the most serious.”

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