Columbia sees Day 6 of 100 degrees or higher – 8 days is record

The high temperature in Columbia on Friday was 104, making it the sixth consecutive day in the Midlands that thermometers hit 100 degrees or higher.

The 104 temperature was record at Columbia Metropolitan Airport late in the afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

But as hot as it was, the high did not make the record books. A high of 105 was recorded on July 8 in 1977.

The record for a consecutive run of 100 or 100-plus days?

The weather service said the Midlands saw eight consecutive days of 100-degree or more days in July 1986.

It's expected to be 101 on Saturday and 97 on Sunday.

Experts are warning people to take the heat seriously – to limit their sun exposure, drink plenty of water, avoid strenuous activity, take frequent cool showers or baths, wear lightweight and light-colored clothes and never leave children or pets in parked cars – even for a minute.

A 31-year-old Columbia man’s death Tuesday was heat-related, said Richland County coroner Gary Watts on Thursday.