Here’s what a firefighter said on Black Lives Matter that cost his job

Officials have released the Facebook comment that got a Columbia firefighter terminated after a Black Lives Matter march.

Edward Augustyn was one of three firefighters who were fired from the Columbia Fire Department after making comments on social media about the Sunday march.

The other two firefighters who lost their jobs were Capt. Jimmy Morris and Dave W. Proctor, a senior firefighter hired in October 2013.

Augustyn’s comment, “Ya think they would be going to bed to get ready for work tomorrow,” was in response to what former Capt. Jimmy Morris posted on Facebook, spokesman Capt. Brick Lewis said.

At the time, Augustyn was on a standard six-month probationary period after completing the fire department’s training academy. During that period, getting in any trouble is grounds for firing.

Though Augustyn’s comment might not seem like much on its own, Lewis said that taken as a reply to Morris’ post – and considering Augustyn’s probationary status –the department had no choice but to fire him.

Richland County also fired one paramedic for comments on social media after the Sunday march. The county has not identified the paramedic or released the comments.

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