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Narcotics officers seize home used for selling crack cocaine

Lexington County deputies have seized a Joye Street near West Columbia they say has been used as a crack house for at least four years.

Deputies and county employees are posting signs today that show the home has been seized by law enforcement, said Lexington Sheriff James Metts in a news release.

Officers with the sheriff's department's Narcotics Enforcement Team have conducted a series of undercover investigations at the home that began in September 2002. Investigators said drug abusers for years lined up their vehicles at night on the home’s horseshoe driveway to purchase crack from their vehicles, like a drive-through service, the release said.

“The seizure of the Joye Street home will dramatically reduce the illegal sale of crack cocaine in the West Columbia community,” Metts said in the release.

NET officers have executed four search warrants at the Joye Street home and arrested suspects on charges of trafficking in crack cocaine, distributing crack cocaine and possessing crack cocaine, Metts said in the release.

The search warrants were obtained as a result of undercover investigations.

Six people were arrested and four children between 8 months and 8 years old were taken into protective custody.

Arrested were:

  • Tony Nathaniel Burkett, 45, of North Brown Street, West Columbia;
  • Mark Leviticus Holmes, 46, of Joye Street;
  • Alexandra Laura Phillips, 24, of Ross Street, West Columbia;
  • Shico Breion Sumter, 20, of Tommy Circle;
  • Steven James Temnikar, 39, of Cincinnati, Ohio; and
  • Mickeral Harold Young, 51, of Wall Street, West Columbia.
  • Cora Lee Tucker, 91, owns the Joye Street home. Deputies say they told Tucker her relatives and their acquaintances were using her home to sell crack cocaine. Tucker took no actions to stop illegal activities at her home.