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Woman faces child cruelty charges

MYRTLE BEACH -- A 40-year-old woman was charged with cruelty to a child after she was seen outside a Myrtle Beach department store grabbing and hitting an 8-year-old girl, according to a police report.

Tammy Lewis, whose address was not listed on the report, was charged Saturday after police were called to Target on Seaboard Street for the incident, police said. Officers observed marks on the child that were consistent with being grabbed and smacked, the report showed.

Police were called around 1:30 p.m. Saturday by a Hartsville woman who told officers that she heard a child screaming and saw Lewis grab the child by her pony tail and hit her in the head with a closed fist, the report showed.

The woman said several bystanders approached Lewis at that time while she called police. Those other witnesses told police Lewis argued with the child and struck her, the report showed.

Lewis told officers she was watching the child, who is a family member, for the day and the child has an attention deficit disorder and had not taken her medicine, the report showed. Lewis said she had trouble getting the girl to obey her at the store.

Lewis said she brought the child outside and that she spanked the girl while trying to take the girl to her vehicle, the report showed. The woman said she did not hit the girl in the head with a closed fist.

The girl told police Lewis slapped her arm and smacked her mouth, but did not hit her in the head, the report showed.

-- The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News