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Federal official wants Catawba River case to proceed

A federal official wants the Catawba River case to go forward quickly.

U.S. Solicitor General, Edwin S. Kneedler, has filed a brief in support of South Carolina’s argument to exclude outside parties from the state’s Catawba River water war versus North Carolina, S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster announced today.

The case would go more quickly with only the attorneys generals involved, Kneedler said.

Duke Energy and the city of Charlotte are among the parties attempting to enter into the battle now slated to be fought in the U.S. Supreme Court.McMaster is arguing that South Carolina should have an equal voice in how much water North Carolina can divert from the Catawba River before it flows south. McMaster says the case could set a national precedent.

“Our case is earning a great deal of attention in the country,” McMaster said, “and could very well determine the outcome of the region’s water disputes for decades to come.”

-- From Staff Reports