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Richland Sheriff's officers crack break-in ring

Six persons suspected in the burglaries of more than 14 homes and businesses in Northeast Richland County have been arrested, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced today.

From mid-August to mid-September, suspects broke in by entering structures from rear doors and windows - breaking the latches on doors and smashing windows.

Targeted residences were in the Drexel Lake, Rockbridge and Trenholm Acres neighborhoods.

Items taken included cash, jewelry, guns televisions, laptops and a GPS unit, Lott said. They were then sold at various places for cash.

The suspects are Kia Kelly, 31; Marcus Kelly, 17; Travis Kelly, 20; Desmond Metcalf, 22: Charles Johnson III, 19; and Jonathan Barr, 20.

All face various charges connected with the break-ins. All except Travis Kelly are still in the Richland County jail. The relationship among the Kellys could not be determined.

A major break in the case came after Marcus Kelly and Kia Kelly were arrested for a Sept. 17 burglary at 3462 Northshore Road, said Lott.