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Meth lab found burning at Gaston home

Five people have been arrested after officers found a meth lab at a home in Gaston Tuesday evening.

Christopher Albert Huggins, 29, Jimmy Ferney Johnson Jr., 38, Nancy Renee Krantz, 37, Robin Farris Krantz, and Olivia Lessie mason, 37, are all taken into custody after deputies at the home to execute a search warrant found materials used to make meth in a can outside Nancy Krantz and Mason’s home Tuesday evening, according to Lexington County Sheriff James Metts.

After discovering the burning materials, officers also found two small bags of the completed drug on Robin Krantz. Huggins had two coffee filters containing meth and a small bag of marijuana, Metts said.

Nancy Krantz and Mason were both charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and unlawfully disposing waste from a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory. Robin Krantz was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, third offense, and possession of methamphetamine, third offense. Huggins was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possessing methamphetamine and possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute. Finally, Johnson was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.