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Escaped Lexington County pig back in custody

This little piggy is going wee-wee-wee-wee, all the way home – after a daring escape from the Lexington County stray animal pen.

Lexington County authorities received multiple calls about a pig roaming loose on Thursday, according to Capt. Adam Myrick. The pig had been in the county’s stray animal pen, which is located near the Sheriff’s Department on Gibson Road. It’s unclear how he escaped.

Video that was uploaded to Twitter and retweeted by the Sheriff’s Department shows the escaped swine walking around and sniffing the ground in a yard not far from the agency’s headquarters.

“After escaping, the pig eventually returned to the scene of the crime,” Myrick said. “He came back to the general area near the pen and was soon caught by some employees.”

The county has been in contact with a family in Hartsville, which will take possession of the unnamed pig next week.

“We need a name for this one because he has obtained celebrity status over the last 24 hours or so,” Myrick said Thursday.