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Campaign aimed at catching drunken drivers begins in SC

Law enforcement officials in six states are setting up checkpoints for their annual end-of-the-summer crackdown on drunk driving.

The five-day campaign, Hands Across the Border, started Monday.

Agencies in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida are working together, as many folks make their last vacation trips of the season.

South Carolina Highway Patrol Lance Cpl. Judd Jones said Highway Patrol agencies, sheriff’s deputies and local police will all be part of the campaign.

“This is a partnership among states to finish out the last heavy driving weekend of the year leading into Labor Day,” Jones said. “Joint checkpoints will be set up, along with other local agencies, in different locations along state lines with one goal in mind, which is to reduce traffic fatalities.”

This campaign is set up every year to mainly catch drivers under the influence of alcohol, but Jones said police will be looking for any violation, be it seat belt, vehicle equipment issues or uninsured drivers.

Law enforcement will also be on the lookout for drug offenders, fugitives, drivers with outstanding warrants and those driving without a license, Jones said.

Jones said this campaign is the end of what is known as the “100 deadly days of summer.”