Cell phone policy for Lexington 5

Policy JCDAG Cell Phones/Communication Devices

Issued July 2005

The board of trustees of School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties believes that the use of communication devices by students during the school day may have an adverse effect on classroom instruction. Therefore, students may not use cellular phones, electronic pagers or any other communications devices while on school property during school hours. (Start and end of school will be denoted by the start and end bell.) These items will be seized in accordance with South Carolina Code of Laws Section 59-63-280 and board policy. Students who are determined to be in use of these items will be subject to disciplinary actions as defined by the student code of conduct. Use is defined, for the purpose of this policy and accompanying administrative rule, as any visible or audible presence.

For the first incident in each case, devices will be returned to parents/legal guardians who must sign a contract outlining the conditions of return. Subsequent violations will result in confiscation of the item. Devices that are confiscated as a result of subsequent violations will be returned to parents/legal guardians on the first Monday following the last school day of the year. All confiscated items will be secured at the school site until they are returned. Neither the school nor the district will be responsible for any lost or stolen items as a result of confiscation.