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Boston Globe writer to sign new military book with author Pat Conroy

Author Pat Conroy will join Boston Globe reporter and writer Bryan Bender here Saturday to sign Bender’s new book – a true story of a disillusioned soldier who finds solace by recovering the body of a lost World War II pilot in New Guinea.

Major George Eyster V came from a long line of military officers, but his tour of duty in Iraq left him questioning his service. He considered ending his Army career but was offered a posting to J-PAC, whose mission is to bring all fallen soldiers home.

The book follows Eyster’s search for the remains of Capt. Ryan McCown, a dashing young Marine aviator from Charleston, who was shot down in 1944.

Conroy, who was an adviser on the book, will join Bender on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., to sign “You Are Not Forgotten” (Doubleday, $26.95). The signing will be held at Blue Bicycle Books, 420 King St., Charleston.

Bender got his start in journalism as a writer for Inside the Army and as a military correspondent for publications such as Jane’s Defense Weekly. He is the national security reporter for The Boston Globe, and has traveled the globe covering operations at military outposts and training bases, aboard submarines and warships, and in combat aircraft over hostile territory.