Military News

'Relaxation. And homecooking'

Families gathered at S.C. National Guard armories across the state Tuesday to welcome home soldiers who have been training for a deployment to Afghanistan.

Some waved flags. Others held homemade posters. A few even brought dogs to greet their soldiers.

The soldiers left Camp Shelby, Miss., shortly after midnight and drove through the night to get home to South Carolina.

Mary Clark jumped into the arms of her husband, Sgt. Harry Clark, as soon as he stepped off a bus.

The couple embraced, and then Harry Clark hustled to find his duffel bag. He was ready to get home to see the couple’s six children.

When asked what he looked forward to during his 10-day leave break, Clark answered, “Relaxation. And homecooking.”

The soldiers must report back to Camp Shelby by midnight on April 19. They begin deploying for a year-long mission in Afghanistan a few days later.