Bertram Rantin

A favorite stop-off for food

Anyone looking for me in the next several days would do well to check at the Netterfield food booth.

The stand just behind the Grandstand has become a favorite stop-off for me during annual visits to the State Fair.

Ok, so I’ve been known to camp out there. But the lure of sausage dogs (hold the bread please), hamburgers and non-alcoholic daiquiris all in one spot is too much to resist. And I never fail to make a trip down to the Pronto Pups booth near the rocket for a giant corndog (hold nothing, please) or to the LaBrasca’s stand for a sausage pizza.

But maybe I’m in a rut. These places are great, but perhaps I should venture out and experience some of other 90 plus other menu items at the fair. This year’s new item is fried corn on the cob, and my editor says I have to try one.

Maybe she’s right. In fact, there is lots of food just waiting to be devoured at the fair.

Spaghetti Eddie’s offers spaghetti, meat balls, baked ziti, lasagna and other Italian favorites. The Carousel Barbeque has seasoned ribs and pork chop on a stick. And then there’s the London Broil and chicken on a pita available at the Flamed Broiled stand.

But all this talk of food is making me hungry, so I’ve got to run. But I need your suggestions.

Here’s what I’d like to know: What are your favorite fair foods and what will you try that’s different this year?