Bertram Rantin

Sand sculptures, pirates and corndogs

One of the main reasons I enjoy return trips to the State Fair each year is the sand sculpture.

It’s always amazing to see the daily progression of this work of art in the Ellison Building. This year’s sculpture is based on the theme “Winds and Waters of Atalaya.”

Ok, so there are other things that keep bringing me back, like corndogs. And it’s never enough to take just one spin on The Pirate ride (I’m not even sure if that’s what they call it these days, but that’s what they used to call it, and that’s the name I like, so that’s what I call it).

By the way, did I mention corndogs?

Anyway, you get the picture. And I’m sure you have your personal favorites as well - which brings us today’s question:

What will you do (or eat) at least twice at the State Fair this year? Let us hear from you.

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