‘I sure hope it’s worth something’: How much would you pay for Ken Bone’s sweater?

The unlikely star of Sunday’s presidential debate now plans to use his signature wardrobe piece for good.

Ken Bone, 34, said on Wednesday, he plans to auction off his red sweater, which he had to switch into after tearing his suit. Details of an auction, including who he will partner with, have yet to be determined, as media members are asking him to wear the red sweater for his many appearances.

Proceeds from the red sweater auction would go toward fighting homelessness and to assist with voter registration efforts.

“I sure hope its worth something when we’re able to do it,” Bone said.

Bone acknowledged he has to balance the sudden notoriety he’s getting now and making sure the sweater still has some value when an auction takes place.

“I’m not going to be the internet guy who overstays his welcome,” Bone said during a Monday interview. “I’m sure this will be over in a couple of days. But as long as people are paying attention to me, I’m glad that I’m able to bring to light the issues and spark the energy debate, and tell people they need to get out and vote and make their voice heard.”