It was just another day delivering packages. Then a snake slithered by

Screenshot of YouTube video
Screenshot of YouTube video

A package delivery man got a startling surprise, when a snake slithered into his path as he was about to drop packages at a Louisiana home.

In a video caught by a security camera and posted on YouTube by homeowner Colin Luke, an unidentified driver is seen approaching the door of a home with two packages, when a snake slithers from behind a flower pot toward the door.

Startled by the snake, the driver drops one package and throws the other in the direction of the door, as he runs away from the snake. The driver jumps over shrubbery and onto the lawn to make his escape.

A few days later, when the driver returns to deliver a different package, he tosses the box from a safe distance from the same door where he was startled by the snake.

Luke told the local TV station, WAFB, that he wasn’t sure who ended up most frightened, because “the snake darted off at an alarming rate.” He also told WAFB he wasn’t mad at the driver. Luke just wants to meet him.

Cynthia Roldán: @CynthiaRoldan