Police recover stolen Emmy statue in Washington

Olympia police recovered a stolen Emmy award statue after it was listed on Craigslist.
Olympia police recovered a stolen Emmy award statue after it was listed on Craigslist.

A local Emmy winner joined forces with police to recover his stolen statue, taken from a downtown Olympia storage unit.

The burglary of the storage unit was reported Feb. 17, said Lt. Paul Lower. Brett Hansen, the Emmy’s owner, said the recovered statue was one of two stolen.

Hansen works for TVW and won Emmys for two documentaries: one about drones and the other about genetically modified organisms.

“The police basically said that these things change hands really quickly, and we probably wouldn’t get them back,” Hansen said.

But a few days later, Hansen and a co-worker decided to search for the statue on Craigslist. They typed the word “Emmy” into the search bar and found a listing seconds later. The sellers were asking $3,500.

Hansen said he emailed back and forth with the seller, who offered to knock $500 from the price if Hansen bought it that day.

“It was weird because he was offering to give me a discount on my own Emmy,” Hansen said.

He worked with detectives and set up a time to meet the seller in Lacey. Lower said three people arrived in a car, and the statue was sitting on the front seat. The nameplate had been removed.

“Clearly the people who had this Emmy didn’t win it,” Lower said. “And their stories about how they got it were questionable at best. They all told us something different.”

One of the people was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant, and detectives interviewed the other two. Lower said charges have been referred to the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office, but he was unsure whether the suspects will be arrested.

“Because the name had been removed from the award and there was no other identifying information, it’s hard to prove who it belonged to,” Lower said. “But because of the proximity, we’re pretty sure this is the same one.”

He said the Emmy will remain at Olympia Police Department headquarters until the investigation is complete.

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