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Two polls give Trump big SC lead

Two new polls released Tuesday gave Republican Donald Trump’s presidential campaign a boost in South Carolina.

First, a new 50-state survey shows Democrat Hillary Clinton leading nationwide, but it does register strong support for Trump in the Palmetto State.

The GOP nominee has the backing of 49 percent of S.C. voters versus 42 percent for Clinton, according to a national poll conducted by SurveyMonkey and the Washington Post.

If third-party candidates are included, Libertarian Gary Johnson polls at 10 percent in South Carolina and Jill Stein has the support of 3 percent. Their inclusion drops Clinton’s support to 38 percent and Trump’s to 45.

The poll results are based on the responses of 894 S.C. voters.

Also Monday, the conservative-leaning First Tuesday Strategies firm released a poll showing Trump’s S.C. support at 50 percent and Clinton at 38 percent.

The firm’s poll of 775 voters showed less support for Johnson and Stein, who registered only 3 percent and 1 percent, respectively.

A 12-point victory — like First Tuesday’s poll — would exceed the 11-point victory margin registered by Republican Mitt Romney over Democrat Barack Obama in the Palmetto State in 2012.

Polls last month showed a tighter S.C. race, leading to some excitement among S.C. Democrats.

S.C. polls

After three August polls suggesting S.C. was up for grabs, two polls released Tuesday indicate the state will remain reliably Republican.

Public Policy Polling (Aug. 11): Trump 41, Clinton 39

Feldman Group (Aug. 23): Trump 45, Clinton 43

Reuters/Ipsos (Aug. 25): Trump 46, Clinton 46

Washington Post/SurveyMonkey (Sept. 6): Trump 49, Clinton 42

First Tuesdays (Sept. 6): Trump 50, Clinton 38

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