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SC voter registration deadline will be unaffected by hurricane

Even if you’re forced to evacuate from your home because of Hurricane Matthew, you need to be sure you will be able to vote by the time you get back.

The deadline to register to vote for November’s election is Saturday, and that won’t be changed by the emergency evacuation called for Tuesday by Gov. Nikki Haley. Anyone living within 100 miles of the coast is being asked to move further inland as Hurricane Matthew approaches.

“Citizens along South Carolina’s coast need to make sure they are registered now in advance of the approaching storm and impending deadline,” the S.C. Election Commission said in a news release issued ahead of the evacuation order.

Complicating that, voter registration offices in many counties are expected to close ahead of Saturday’s deadline due to the storm. Still, voters have other ways to ensure the are registered.

Voters can:

▪ Register online at SCVotes.org before midnight on Saturday; this requires a S.C. driver’s license or Department of Motor Vehicles-issued ID card

▪ Register using the My SCVotes mobile app, available in the Apple and Google Play stores; this also requires a SC driver’s license or DMV ID card.

▪ Download a voter registration form from SCVotes.org. Complete and return the form to your county voter registration and elections office either by mail — postmarked by Saturday, or by fax or email attachment — received by Saturday.

▪ Register in person at your county voter registration and elections office if it is still open.

You must register by Saturday if you are not currently registered in your county of residence, have moved from another state or have moved to a different county within South Carolina.