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Readers stick with Trump in post-debate poll

Bad headlines and a heated debate performance haven’t dented Donald Trump’s support among respondents to The State’s unscientific online post-debate survey.

Despite taking heat over comments in which Trump seemed to brag about groping women, the GOP candidate’s standing is undiminished among voters in the Buzz’s Twitter poll.

Like others in the Palmetto State, 58 percent judged Trump the winner of Sunday’s debate, which, at times, centered on sex and included a promise from Trump to jail his opponent. Thirty percent said Clinton won, and 12 percent said neither candidate came out looking good.

Those numbers aren’t much different from the findings of The State’s online survey after the first debate. It’s unclear if Trump met the bar needed to reverse his slide in the polls among the general electorate.

Seventy percent of the 10,035 people responding to The State’s online survey said Trump’s debate performance made them more likely to vote for him, while 24 percent said the same of Clinton. Only 3 percent for each candidate came away from the debate less committed to their candidate.

Like many this election year, some did not appreciate having to choose between the two candidates and asked for other options.

A follow-up tweet asking if readers were looking for a third option got a few retweets and some interesting responses.

Overall, viewers of the second debate seemed dissatisfied, with 45 percent saying they were unhappy with the outcome.

Those results are emblematic of an election year when many voters on social media seem exasperated with the political process as a whole.