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Polls close in SC. Results in soon

Despite an apparently heavy turnout across South Carolina on Election Day, election officials say the 2016 vote has passed without any major malfunctions or long waits for voters at polling places.

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SC Election Commission spokesman Chris Whitmire said some polling places were likely to have lines still waiting when precincts close at 7 p.m., but officials expect all to close up shop by 8 p.m.

Any voters still in line at 7 o’clock must be allowed to cast their ballots according to state law.

After voters experienced long waits at some polling places in 2012, Whitmire said the average wait time this year seemed to be between 30 and 45 minutes.

“The longest time I heard of was two hours, but we only had one voter call about that,” Whitmire said.

Voters in Richland and Lexington counties saw a heavy rush coming in when polls opened at 7 a.m., but turnout appeared to lighten up as the day went on.

Voting was reportedly heavy in Lexington County early Tuesday, as some voters waited for up to an hour to vote before heading in to work.

Others were expected to cast a ballot on their way home, but Lexington County election board vice chairman John Carrigg said voting seemed brisk in the Irmo areas he was covering Tuesday.

“A ton more voted this morning. We had some real long lines,” Carrigg said. “I think we’ll have a bumper turnout.”

Officials didn’t have turnout figures immediately available, but after a big absentee vote total this year, the number of votes to count on Tuesday night is expected to be high.