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Pro-Trump rally planned for State House is postponed

In response to protests since the presidential election, local supporters of Donald Trump said Monday that they would hold their own rally this weekend.

However, the rally was postponed Monday night. It will be held on another unspecified date.

The pro-Trump rally originally was scheduled for 3 p.m. Saturday at the S.C. State House.

The State House was the site of a Friday rally by anti-Trump protesters, who oppose the New York billionaire’s Electoral College victory.

While Trump supporters might have cause to gloat after his come-from-behind victory, pro-Trump organizer Amanda Triguero said Monday that she didn’t want the pro-Trump rally to be an “in your face” event. Instead, she hoped it would cool off tensions.

“I saw people at these anti-Trump rallies saying, ‘Anybody who voted for Trump is a racist,’ and how they’re afraid somebody’s going to shoot them,” said Triguero, a small business owner who went back to school to become a legal aide. “We’re just normal people who want change. And he’s change, I pray for the better. ...

“What are you afraid of?” Triguero asked, rhetorically, of the Trump protestors. “We’re not crazy people. We want the same thing, a better America.”