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Common Core opponent enters SC race for Congress

Sheri Few

A longtime opponent of Common Core education standards has found a new fight in the race for South Carolina’s soon-to-be open 5th District congressional seat.

Sheri Few, a founder of the anti-Common Core group South Carolina Parents Involved in Education, said Wednesday she will run for the congressional seat if and when current U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney is confirmed as President Donald Trump’s budget director.

Few noted she won the 5th District in a nine-way 2014 GOP primary race for state superintendent of education. She said she saw the opening and Trump’s election last year as a chance to “make America America again.”

Few said she sees the race as a continuation of her work opposing Common Core.

“We need to stop federal overreach,” she said. “Whether it is Common Core, ‘green’ energy mandates or micromanagement in everything from health care to banking.

“The time is now to roll back and eliminate countless federal mandates that stifle creativity, job creation and individual freedom,” she said.

Few also said she wants to work with Trump to stop illegal immigration, rebuild the military, and fight “radical Islamic terrorism” and the “politically correct war on our Judeo-Christian values.”

Few joins state Rep. Ralph Norman, R-York, as the declared candidates in the race.

A poll conducted earlier this month said state Rep. Tommy Pope, R-York, a former prosecutor and the S.C. House speaker pro tempore, would be the leading candidate in the race if he ran. S.C. House Majority Leader Gary Simrill, R-York, has said he will seek the seat.

Mulvaney faces a confirmation vote in the U.S. Senate before he will resign from the U.S. House of Representatives.