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Meet the third party candidate in SC’s special Congress race

Josh Thornton
Josh Thornton

South Carolina’s 5th District has a host of Republicans and even a Democrat running in the race to replace Mick Mulvaney.

Now, voters have the choice of a third-party candidate too.

Josh Thornton, a Rock Hill educator, is running as the American Party candidate in the June 20 election.

Thornton, 41, said in a news release he is running as a candidate who would not be beholden to either party.

“Republicans feel forced to vote in favor of the president and Democrats feel forced to vote against the president,” Thornton said. “This is catastrophic for the American people, because they often vote according to their party mandates and at the expense of their constituencies.”

The American Party is a S.C. third party co-founded by former Democratic state education superintendent Jim Rex. It tries to position itself as centered between the poles of Democrats and Republicans.

The party has run candidates statewide and for federal offices since 2014 – so far without any success.