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Pope launches TV ad in 5th District, and hits Trump-like themes

The 5th District race is heading to the airwaves.

S.C. Rep. Tommy Pope, R-York, is launching a TV ad in the special election to fill South Carolina’s vacant seat in Congress. The ad, entitled “Law and Order,” will begin airing on cable throughout the 5th District starting on Saturday.

The spot highlights Pope’s career in law enforcement and as a state prosecutor before he entered the S.C. Legislature and became speaker pro tempore of the House of Representatives.

It also hits on themes similar to Donald Trump’s successful bid for president.

“A lot’s changed since I was a police officer,” Pope says in the ad. “Rampant illegal immigration. Terrorism at home. Violence against police. For the last eight years Washington did nothing.”

Pope promises to give more resources to law enforcement, repeal the Affordable Care Act and “restore our military to destroy ISIS.”

Pope’s campaign says this is the first significant ad buy in the election. Pope faces six other Republicans running in the May 2 party primary. The general election will be held on June 20.